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Digital Collections

Explore our digital collections and discover information about campus and community history.  For more information about this digital collections platform, including information about searching and browsing this site, please visit our digital collections help page.

Historic Campus Photographs

"A picture is worth a thousand words."  Explore the UWEC campus as you have never seen it before!  This digital resource provides access to hundreds of campus images from 1917 to the present.  You can also sort the images and search for specific images using the "title" field search option available through the simple search.


Periscopes, 1917-1995

The UWEC campus yearbook, the Periscope, was published annually from 1917 to 1995.  Discover and learn more about former students and activities over time.  This resource can  be searched using the simple search tool available within the digital collections platform.

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The Spectator, 1923-2002

Search and explore the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire student newspaper, The Spectator, from its founding in 1923 to 2002.  Generously funded, in part, by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Student Senate. This resource can  be searched using the resource's simple search tool.

Historic Films

Historic Films

Historic films associated with the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and its predecessor institutions.  Included Rolland Schlieve's circa 1942 "And So We Go To College" and the 1934 "All School Film."


Jeanette Gaffney Miller Papers, 1925-1930

The Jeanette Gaffney Miller Papers include artifacts and documents which help us to understand campus and student life in the late 1920s. Together, these items tell a fascinating story.  To learn more about this story check out our digital exhibit [link] (links on the exhibit page no longer functional, to view documents select the digital collection link above) which accompanies this collection.

CCC Newsletters

Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Newsletters, 1933-1941

Newsletters, 1933-1941, from Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camps located in Western Wisconsin.  These newsletters provide a unique glimpse into camp life and activities.

The Reform, 1896-1941

The Reform, 1896-1941

Access The Reform, a Norwegian language newspaper from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Access includes issues from 1896-1941 along with several historic images from the Waldemar Ager Association. The resource is provided thanks to a partnership with the Waldemar Ager Association and ResCarta Foundation.



The institutional repository serving UWEC, Minds@UW is designed to gather, distribute, and preserve digital materials related to the UW System's research and instructional mission. Content, which can be deposited directly by staff, includes research papers, theses, student projects and more. For more information please contact the library.


UW-Eau Claire Websites Archive

Search and explore archived websites from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire dating from 2013 to the present.  Discover historic news and information about the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.