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Director's Welcome

A message from our Library Director

John Pollitz

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire McIntyre Library. All of us here at McIntyre Library are dedicated to supporting the curriculum and educational mission of the University. Everything we do is designed to make the research and learning experience of students and faculty efficient and rewarding. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to the University community. The library will always be a place where people meet, think, learn and are surprised. It is a place where ideas are formed and developed. To facilitate that we provide spaces for studying both individually and in groups. We endeavor to be anticipatory as well as reactive to the needs of our community. As conscientious stewards of University resources we collaborate with other University of Wisconsin System Libraries to gain access to information in the most economical manner.

McIntyre Library provides a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere conducive to study, research and, yes, socializing. We know that technology enables us to provide information to students and faculty wherever they are and whenever they need it. This sometimes means that our students and faculty don’t need to come into the library in order to do their research. Yet your Library will always be a place where ideas are exchanged and help with difficult research questions can be found. We will always take advantage of these new technologies whenever they best serve the needs of our community.

So make use of the resources that McIntyre Library provides whether that means visiting us through our website or by walking through our doors. Know that we are always here to help you succeed in whatever your curiosity inspires you to do. We always strive to improve our services and welcome your ideas and opinions.

John Pollitz
Director of Libraries
November, 2007