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Each day is filled with learning, fun, and fulfillment.

Day 1: Connect (1/2 Day)

You will meet the Freshman Connection staff and be introduced to your team, which will be led by a trained student facilitator. Team members connect with one another through personal experiences and often become close friends.

Activities provide a glimpse of college life and are designed to help you open up and show the world what you have to offer. The day ends with a unique group activity and discussion.

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Day 2: Explore

You will be introduced to a proactive approach to life which will help you develop skills necessary for success. You will create a personal mission statement and set goals to help you become the person you wish to be.

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Day 3: Engage

You will learn about the importance of trust and team building in group situations through ropes course activities. Past participants have described this activity as one of the most rewarding experiences of the program.

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What to Bring

The atmosphere of the Freshman Connection is casual. The rooms will have sheets, pillows and a light blanket in them. They are not air-conditioned. The following list contains suggested items to bring:


Dress casually but be sure to consider weather appropriate clothing and clothing that allows you to be active. Don’t forget a pair of tennis shoes!

Other Suggested Items:

• Fan
• Address book/notebook
• Personal care items
• Sunglasses/hat
• Camera
• Spending money for snacks
• Towel and washcloth
• Alarm clock

Room and Board

At the Freshman Connection, you experience what life is like on campus. You use the same meeting rooms, dorms, dining halls and recreational facilities UW-Eau Claire students use. You will tour campus, see classrooms, labs and other academic facilities. All facilities are accessible to students with special needs.

You will live in Sutherland Residence Hall. Rooms are fully furnished and bedding is provided. The building is security locked every night. A Freshman Connection student facilitator lives on each hall wing of your dorm. He/she is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. An adult, professionally trained hall director also lives in the dormitory. He/she oversees all dorm activities and is trained to handle any emergency.

Participants will also write a reflective paper after the experience to fulfill the credit requirement of the program.