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Instructors may require students to take quizzes online in Desire2Learn. The Quizzes tool in D2L allows students to conveniently take quizzes outside of the classroom within a timeframe set by the instructor. Instructors may choose to make the quiz questions, answers, and quiz statistics available to students after the quiz period has ended.

For more information about taking quizzes, watch the tutorial on Taking a Quiz.

Tips for Taking D2L Quizzes

To minimize technical problems while taking quizzes, we suggest students do the following:

  • Avoid the maintenance periods listed on the D2L My Home page:
    • Unannounced outages may occur during those periods.
  • Use a campus lab, if possible, or wired cable or DSL connection at home for best network reliability.
  • Avoid using mobile devices when taking quizzes:
  • Larger screens minimize scrolling while taking your quiz.
  • A non-mobile device is more likely to display all media (audio, video, still images, Flash) included in quiz questions.
  • Verify that your computer is free of malware.
  • Close all software applications not needed for taking the quiz.
  • Use a recommended browser and version.
  • Clear your browser's cache before opening any quiz.
  • Save your responses as you answer each question.
  • You can change and re-save your answers if you change your mind later in the quiz.
  • Only saved answers can be viewed by the instructor in case of technical problems.
  • If your browser freezes or if you lose network access during the quiz, do the following:
    • Close your browser window without submitting your quiz and without logging out of D2L.
    • Open a new browser window and log in to D2L again.
    • Access your course and re-enter the quiz.
    • Continue taking the quiz and saving responses as you answer questions.
    • On a timed quiz, the timer will continue to count down during your exit and re-entry.
  • Submit your quiz after answering all questions and saving all responses.
  • There are several steps to the submission process--be sure to complete all of them.
  • Wait for at least 60 seconds after submitting your quiz before closing your browser window--this allows time for D2L to fully save and grade your responses.
  • If you encounter technical problems during a quiz, contact your instructor and explain the difficulties immediately after you submit/leave the quiz.

Taking the Quiz

Typically you will have a time frame within which to take the quiz. We strongly recommend that you check the Maintenance Schedule on the D2L My Home page to remind yourself of the weekly maintenance schedule for D2L (usually early morning hours). While you can access your course during maintenance, we do not recommend taking a quiz during that time since unannounced outages may occur. Additionally, we do not recommend trying to take a quiz over a wireless connection.

  1. From the Course Home page, choose Quizzes on the navigation bar.
    The Quiz List pane appears.

    Quiz List

  2. Click on the title of the desired quiz.
    The [ Quiz name] pane appears.

  3. Press Start Quiz!
    The confirmation dialog box appears.

  4. Click Ok.
    The quiz begins.
    NOTE: Read the directions for the quiz. The time allotted for the quiz is displayed at the top of the Quiz page.

  5. Answer the quiz questions.
    NOTE: Depending on the type of question, select or type the best answer or select all answers that apply.

  6. After answering each question, press the Save button below the question.
    NOTE: It is recommended you save each response as you take the quiz.

  7. When finished, press Go to Submit Quiz.
    The Quiz Submission Confirmation page appears, along with warnings about any unfinished questions.
    HINT: This is the last chance to change any answers.

  8. To change an answer:
    1. In the Quiz Info pane on the left , click the appropriate question number.
      The question appears.


    2. Make the desired changes.
    3. Press Save.
    4. Repeat steps a-c for other questions.
    5. Press Go to Submit Quiz.

  9. If you are satisfied with your quiz answers, press Submit Quiz.

  10. To submit the quiz, click Yes.
    To return to the quiz, click No.

Viewing Quiz Answers

After completing a quiz, certain information such as questions or answers or both will be made available to you based upon your instructor's settings. The Submissions link contains that quiz information.

  1. From the Course Home page, on the navigation bar, click Quizzes.
    The Quiz List pane appears.

  2. Click on the black dropdown arrow dropdown arrow next to the quiz name; your options for viewing additional quiz information will appear.

    NOTE: Your options are Submissions and Reports. The Reports information will be available only if your instructor has set up a Quiz Report.

Submissions Arrow

Submissions Information
The Submissions information pane allows you to view the number of quiz attempts you have made as well as the date and time of the attempts. If your instructor has made the quiz questions and answers available, that information will also appear in this section. Click on Attempt 1 (or Attempt 2, etc.) to view your quiz results.


Help Desk

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