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Course Home and News

This page includes documentation on the following:

Course Home Page

The Course Home page is the first page you see after you select a course. At the top are the navigation bars, which contain links to the course tools and are displayed on every page in the course. The rest of the page is made up of widgets, such as News and the Content Browser. Using the navigation bars and the widgets, you can access content and tools used in the course.

Accessing the Course Home Page

Finding the Course Home page is very simple:

  1. Login to Desire2Learn. The My Home page appears.

  2. In the My Courses widget in the center of your screen, click on the desired course. The Course Home page appears.

Course Tools

At the top of the Course Home page are the navigation bars, which contains links to various tools. For a description of some of the available tools, see An Overview of Course Tools. Unlike widgets, the navigation bars are present on every page in the course.


On the Course Home page, several items may be present. The items contained within separate panes (e.g. Welcome Box, Bookmarks) are referred to as widgets.

  • News
    Look below for more detailed information regarding the use of this tool.

  • Students: Dropbox and Quiz Tips
    Provides instructions for completing a dropbox submission.

  • Content Browser
    Displays bookmarked and recently visited Content items.

  • McIntyre Library Services
    Provides links to different resources provided by McIntyre Library, as well as a link to chat with a librarian.


News Items are a convenient way to learn about upcoming events, due dates, etc. They appear in the News widget on the Course Home page.

NOTE: If your professor has not created any news items, you will see the "There is no news to display" message when you enter the course.

Dismissing a News Item

  1. In the News widget on the Course Home page, click on the dismiss button dismiss button at the far right of the news item you wish to dismiss.

  2. The news item no longer appears in your view of the News widget on the Course Home page.

NOTE: When you Dismiss a news item, you are not deleting it! You are only hiding it from your own view on the Course Home page. The news item is still available in the News Widget Tool.

Restoring a News Item

  1. Enter the News Tool by clicking on the dropdown arrow in the News Widget, and click Go to News Tool.

    go to news tool

  2. Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of the news item you wish to restore, and click Restore. The news item is now visible on the Course Home page.
  3. restore a news item

Help Desk

For more information or to request a service, contact the LTS Help Desk:
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