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Desire2Learn is a powerful and flexible web-based program that many faculty members use to deliver online courses and enhance classroom courses. As a student in D2L courses, you will notice some consistency from course to course, but you may see some distinct differences due to the flexible nature of Desire2Learn.

About Our Documentation

The documentation within this help collection explains how to get to a tool/resource and how to use it. Your instructor can customize how to get to a tool, but once you locate the tool, it will behave the same way from course to course, and the instructions posted within this help collection will work.


As a student in a Desire2Learn course, you are in a password-protected environment. Only students in the course, your instructor, and others the instructor has authorized (e.g., Instructional Assistants) have access to the course. Some courses are collaboratively developed so the other developers also have access to the course. Depending on your course, special guests may join for the course duration or for a portion of the course. If anyone not officially associated with the course has access to it, your instructor should notify you.

Desire2Learn Activities

Many of your Desire2Learn activities can be tracked and accessed by your instructor. The following is a summary of activities that your instructor has access to:

  • All discussion postings
  • Survey results
  • The date and time of all discussions, assignment submissions, and quizzes
  • The number of times an item has been viewed in course content areas (e.g., assignment descriptions, lecture notes)
  • Group activities (e.g., files uploaded, group discussion)
  • Your login history for the UWEC D2L site

Your instructor does not have access to the Desire2Learn private email messages that you send to your classmates; however, you should be aware that you cannot send an anonymous email message within Desire2Learn.

NOTE: Instructors have access only to the Desire2Learn courses in which they are enrolled in the role of Instructor.


Assignment and quiz deadlines within Desire2Learn are strictly enforced. If you have an online quiz to complete or an assignment to submit, make sure that you can complete the process before the posted deadline. Once the deadline has passed, your access to the quiz or assignment is automatically blocked by Desire2Learn. Failure to complete by the posted deadline may result in no credit. Exceptions are at the discretion of your instructor.

Help Desk

For more information or to request a service, contact the LTS Help Desk:
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