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Copying Components

If you teach the same class every year or want to use some of the same materials in multiple classes, copying components saves you time when setting up your D2L courses. This function copies only your course materials and those items you created in the various tools of the course, such as news items, Content modules and topics, dropboxes, grades, etc. Nothing student-specific is copied so you cannot copy student grades or documents submitted to dropboxes or messages posted to discussion topics to the new course in this process.

Watch the tutorial videos to Copy All Components or Copy Select Components, or follow the steps below. Then, use the Copying Checklist below to make sure all of your components are up to date.

Copying Components

  1. Enter your new course, or the course to which you want to add materials.

  2. Press Edit Course in the upper right.

  3. In the Site Resources section of the list, choose Import/Export/Copy Components.

  4. Select the radio button next to Copy Components from Another Org Unit.

    Search Offering

  5. Press the Search for offering button. The Select Course Offering dialog box appears.

  6. To locate the course to copy from more easily, enter the semester code of the course to be copied from in the Search For: field, then press the magnifier icon to the right of the Search field. A list of your D2L courses for that semester will appear:

    Copy Components search for course

    • Recent Semester Codes for UWEC:
      • Fall 2015 - 2161
      • Summer 2015 - 2157
      • Spring 2015 - 2155
      • Winterim 2015 - 2153
      • Fall 2014 - 2151
      • Summer 2014 - 2147
      • Spring 2014 - 2145
  7. You may also search by course name, e.g., ENGL.150 or CHEM.103 (note the period between the search  terms), to see a list of all your D2L courses by that name. You may then choose the specific course to copy from that list.

  8. From the dialog box that appears, select the radio button next to the course that contains the components you want to copy. Press Add Selected in the lower left corner of the dialog box; the dialog box disappears.

  9. To copy all components, press Copy All Components at the bottom of the page.

    Copy All Components

    NOTE: You will see other options on the page, including the Parent Template of Current Offering option. You may disregard this option.

  10. To copy only selected components:
    1. Click Select Components.
      Select Components
    2. Select the checkbox(es) next to the component(s) you wish to copy.
    3. To copy all items in that component, choose the radio button next to Copy all items.
      EXAMPLE: For the glossary, this means importing all terms in the glossary.

    4. To import only specific items for a component, select Select individual items to copy.
      EXAMPLE: For the glossary, this means choosing specific terms to import.

      Copy Items

      NOTE: If you are copying Content, it is necessary to copy Course Files as well so Content topics will still link to files in the new course.

  11. Press Continue.

  12. If you are selecting only some components or some items in one or more components, select those items, and click Continue.

  13. Confirm the components, and press Finish.

  14. You will be presented with a summary of the copied components. Click Done.

  15. After copying components, check that links work and copied information appears correctly.

Copying Checklist

After you have copied your components . . .

  • Double-check that all desired components copied over from the previous course correctly. For example, click on the topic names in Content to verify they open properly and are linked to the proper document or tool.

  • Adjust the course start and/or end dates, if necessary.

  • Change any release dates/times to the current semester's schedule (e.g., Quizzes, Content, Dropbox, and Discussions).

  • Change any release conditions (e.g., restricting discussions by group membership).

  • Repopulate small groups using the enrollment tool in the Manage Groups area of the Groups tool.

  • Update documents, such as your syllabus, that change each semester. Be sure to change the term, any specific course information, and office hours that might have changed.

  • Check all of the Internet links that you provide for your students. Make sure that the websites you are linking to still exist and that the URLs have not changed.

  • Check your Quicklinks. Make sure any course documents that are linked to were copied to the new course.

  • Although gradebook items copy over from previous courses, you will still need to complete the Grades Setup process.

Help Desk

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