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Activating a Course

D2L courses for academic courses appear in instructors' course listings automatically each term. These courses are set to inactive status so they will not appear in the course listings of the students enrolled in those courses.

Instructors who intend to use their D2L course sites for their academic courses must activate the D2L courses they intend to use for instruction. Once activated, enrolled students can see the course title in their course listing. Students can only enter D2L courses between the course start date and the course end date.

D2L course start dates are set automatically to conform to the dates in the course schedule published by the Registrar's Office, generally the first day of classes for full-semester courses. D2L courses close to students three weeks after the last class date, giving students additional time to access grades in each course.

This page includes directions for the following:

For more information, watch the tutorial on Activating a Course.

In order for your students to access your D2L course, you must first activate it. Activating a course makes the course link visible in the My Courses listings of the students enrolled in that course. Students can enter active D2L courses between the course start and end dates only.

  1. Log in to D2L; you will be taken to the My Home page.

  2. Scroll down to the My Courses listing and locate your courses for the current or upcoming term.

  3. (Inactive) will display to the right of the course name: Inactive View for any inactive courses in your listing.

  4. To activate a course, click the edit pencil to the right of the course name: edit

  5. On the Course Offering Information page, click the checkbox next to Course is active to activate your course.

    Active Course

  6. Press Save. Now, when you return to My Home, you will no longer see (Inactive) after the course name. Your students will now be able to see the course title in their D2L course listings; they will be able to access the course between the start and end dates set for the course.

Setting Start and End Dates

You can also modify the default start and end dates of D2L courses to limit the period of time students can access your D2L course. By default, D2L courses open to students on the first day of classes and close to students three weeks after the last week of classes.

NOTE: Regardless of start and end date, students cannot access a course that is inactive.

  1. From the My Home page, click the edit pencil edit to the right of the course name you wish to edit.

  2. Locate the section of the Course Offering Information page that displays the start and end dates of your course.

  3. To change the course dates, click the small calendar icon: Start End Calendar and choose new dates from the calendar that appears.
    OR, to start or end a course immediately, click Now.

    Start-End Date

  4. Change the start or end time if desired by choosing new times of day in the hour, minute and AM/PM fields.

  5. Press Save to retain your changes.

Changing the Course Name

You may modify your D2L course name or change it completely if you prefer.

  1. From the D2L My Home page, scroll down to the My Courses listing and locate your course(s) for the current or upcoming term.

  2. Click on the edit pencil edit to the right of the course name to access the Course Offering Information page.

  3. The Course Offering Name field displays at  the top of the page; click in that field to make the modifications you prefer.

    Course Offering Name field

  4. Press SAVE at the bottom of the page to retain your change. Once saved, you and the students enrolled will see the new course name in your D2L course listings.

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