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Using the Dashboard and Other Settings

The Dashboard is the central area for managing your ePortfolio preferences, updates, and searching for items. You can quickly review changes to portfolio items you've recently worked on and view ePortfolio items from your peers. You can also quickly add new items to your ePortfolio from the Dashboard.

The Dashboard is the main landing page for ePortfolio. To return to your Dashboard from another ePortfolio page, click ePortfolio from the navigation bar.

Table of contents

  1. Using the newsfeed
  2. Changing your settings
  3. Changing your profile
  4. Checking your invites
  5. Subscribing to an RSS feed

Using the newsfeed

The newsfeed consolidates recent activity on your items and items shared with you, providing a quick way to return to active projects. Your items appear in this area if they have been recently edited, commented on, or assessed. If you contribute a comment, an edit, or an assessment to another user's item, that item is also tracked in the newsfeed and you can see contributions others are making.

Filters at the top of the newsfeed enable you to search and view specific sets of content; you can filter recent activity by ownership (yours versus others' items) and people and items you've subscribed to.

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Changing your settings

The Settings area of the Dashboard allows you change display options and preferences for your ePortfolio. Click the Settings link on the Dashboard, My Items, Explore or Sharing Groups page to access these preferences. 

Display Options

Default List Size Select the number of items to display in your Newsfeed, My Items, and Explore lists.
Number of Activities on Newsfeed Items Select the maximum number of events you want displayed in each Newsfeed item.
My Modifications Choose whether to include activity you make on your own items to your Newsfeed.
Number of Unread Invites on Dashboard Select how many unread invites appear on your Dashboard.
Date Range Select how many days of past activity you want to show in your Newsfeed.

Item Defaults

Item Feedback

Choose whether you want to allow comments or assessments by default when creating new items.

NOTE: These settings enable commenting and assessments; you still need to set permissions around who can add comments or assessments.

Sharing Settings

Invite Delivery Method

Select Email Invitation if you want to receive an email when others invite you to view items from their ePortfolio.

NOTE: A copy of the invite is always added to your Invites page.

Default Sharing Group Select a default sharing group to apply to all new items in your portfolio that meet your filter criteria. Use this option if you consistently share new items with the same group of users.


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Changing your profile

Update your profile information to include personal information about yourself that you feel comfortable sharing with others. Your profile information is the same as your profile in Learning Environment. Any changes reflect in both places.

You can add your profile information to presentations.

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Checking your invites

The Unread Invites widget displays your recent invites, including the author of the invite, the message content, and the associated portfolio item.

See Viewing items shared with you for more information about invites.

Check your invites

  1. View the Unread Invites area of your Dashboard for recent invites or click View all invites for past invites.
  2. Click the subject of the invite. Open the ePortfolio item associated with the invite by clicking its name.

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Subscribing to an RSS feed

RSS feeds allow you to receive external notifications when changes occur in your portfolio. There are two RSS feeds that you can subscribe to:

  • Feedback RSS notifies you when edits, comments, or assessments are made to one of your portfolio items (does not include changes that you make yourself).
  • Invite RSS notifies you when you receive a new invite to view another user's item.

To use the RSS feeds you must subscribe to an external RSS reader. There are many free RSS readers, such as Live Bookmarks and Google Reader, available on the Internet.

Subscribe to an RSS feed

  1. Click rss Feedback RSS on the Dashboard page or rss Invite RSS on the Invites page.
  2. Follow the appropriate steps for adding the feed to the reader of your choice.

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