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Enrollment Appointments

When planning your classes for upcoming terms, you can check the date of your Enrollment Appointment (i.e., when you can register) and the Shopping Cart Appointment (when you can begin saving classes in your Shopping Cart) via MyBlugold CampS.

The Enrollment Appointment for the next term or session (e.g., Winterim during Fall) will appear on the Student Center page, but to see appointments for other terms and exact times you must access the Enrollment Dates page.

Checking Enrollment Dates Details

  1. Access the Student Center.
    The Student Center page appears.
    Student Center right panel

  2. In the reference column on the right, within the Enrollment Dates section, click Details.
    Dates for the current term appear.

  3. To view dates for a different term, click Change Term change term

  4. Select a term and click Continue continue
    The enrollment dates for that term appear.

  5. Scroll to find the desired information:

    1. Shopping Cart Appointments begin when classes can first be added to the MyBlugold CampS shopping cart and saved. They appear first on the Enrollment Dates page.

    2. Scroll down to view Enrollment Appointments, the date and time at which you can register.

Help Desk

For more information or to request a service, contact the LTS Help Desk:
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