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Computer Purchasing Guidelines

UWEC Standard Apple iPad Air

A standard iPad Air purchase includes the following options:

  • iPad Air
  • Lightning Connector to USB cable
  • USB to power outlet adapter
  • AppleCare+.

Additionally, please choose one option from each of the following categories:

  • Storage:
    • 16 GB (Base price $598)
    • 32 GB (Base price $698)
    • 64 GB (Base price $798)
    • 128 GB (Base price $898)

  • Color (compare):
    • Space Gray (Add $0)
    • Silver (Add $0

  • Internet Connection:
    • Only Wi-Fi* (Add $0)
    • Wi-Fi and AT&T 4G Cellular Data** (Add $130)
    • Wi-Fi and Sprint 4G Cellular Data** (Add $130)
    • Wi-Fi and Verizon 4G Cellular Data** (Add $130)

  • Display Adapters:
    • No display adapter (Add $0)
    • VGA Adapter (Add $49)
    • HDMI Adapter (Add $49)
    • Both VGA and HDMI Adapters (Add $98)

* Connects to the Internet only via Wi-Fi. A cellular data card cannot be added to an iPad Air after it is purchased.

** Connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi and cellular data service. Monthly cellular data service is not included with the purchase of an iPad Air. Activation of iPad Air cellular data service is done on the iPad Air itself and must be done with a University Procurement Credit Card. Service is month-to-month and will automatically renew if it is not cancelled.

Note: LTS strongly recommends purchasing a case for your iPad Air. Please visit our Recommend Sites for Purchasing Peripherals to find and purchase a case with your University Procurement Credit Card.

To purchase or for questions, please contact

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