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About Us
 About Us hillislf 02/24/2016
 Core Values hillislf 01/09/2013
 Mission and Vision hillislf 02/04/2011
 Site Map hillislf 01/18/2017
 Units and Staff Erich Tesky 08/18/2016
News and Announcements
 Dell Tech Support Scam millerbk 01/20/2016
 Email Moving to Office 365 millerbk 04/13/2016
 Email Phishing Attacks and What LTS is Doing About It hauptkr 11/20/2015
 Grid View Returns to D2L Discussions millerbk 09/01/2015
 IRS Scam and Identity Theft millerbk 01/20/2016
 LTS Office, Lab, and Staff Responsibility Moves hauptkr 09/02/2015
 New Unit in LTS - Continuous Improvement Services hauptkr 09/02/2015
 Office 365: Cloud Computing Options are Coming! millerbk 09/01/2015
 Office 365: Cloud Computing Options are Here! millerbk 09/02/2015
 Redesigned Website Goes Live! millerbk 09/01/2015
 Retiring LTS Employees through VSIPs hauptkr 09/02/2015
 Short Takes January 2015 millerbk 09/01/2015
 Technology Tools from LTS hauptkr 09/02/2015
 Upgrade to Windows 10 for Office Computers millerbk 02/16/2016
News Archives
 Active Learning Classrooms millerbk 05/28/2015
 Blugold Insider has a New Look millerbk 05/28/2015
 Class Distribution List Membership Johnsoet 05/28/2015
 D2L 10.3 Upgrade millerbk 05/28/2015
 Guard Yourself from Cyber Attacks Bateskn 05/28/2015
 New Username Process Johnsoet 05/28/2015
 Short Takes December 2014 millerbk 05/28/2015
 Short Takes September 2014 millerbk 05/28/2015
 Technology Tools from LTS Bateskn 05/28/2015
 Web Changes Coming! millerbk 05/28/2015
 Website Redesign and Improvement Bateskn 05/28/2015
 Wireless Network Changes Bateskn 06/10/2015
LTS News May 2015
 Office 365: Cloud Computing Options are Coming! millerbk 05/18/2015
Policies and Guidelines
 Computer Repair Guidelines LEISZGJ 02/04/2011
 Computer Rotation Policy LEISZGJ 01/10/2014
 Email Retention and Backup Policy LEISZGJ 01/10/2014
 Network Computer Policies LEISZGJ 06/10/2015
 Policies, Guidelines and Forms LEISZGJ 09/16/2016
 Policy for Use of Campus-wide E-mail LEISZGJ 01/10/2014
 Policy on Network Passwords LEISZGJ 01/19/2017
 Policy on Software Support Fee LEISZGJ 09/30/2015
 Surplus Computers/Printers Policy LEISZGJ 01/10/2014
 Username Change Policy LEISZGJ 01/10/2014
Major Projects
 Major Projects Listing LEISZGJ 12/12/2016
 A-Z Service Catalog List hillislf 06/14/2013
 Hardware Support hillislf 08/26/2015
 Information Security hillislf 10/16/2013
 Media Support hillislf 06/04/2015
 Mobile Technology hillislf 03/06/2014
 Network and Server Storage hillislf 01/16/2014
 Service Catalog hillislf 06/17/2015
 Software Support hillislf 08/26/2015
 Training and Documentation hillislf 07/17/2015
 Web Site and Application Development hillislf 02/17/2015
 Creating a Public Link to an Individual File miskadc 10/17/2013
 Establishing File & Folder Level Permissions: Windows 7 kranzm 10/17/2013
 Network Drives miskadc 01/20/2015
 TreeSize Professional miskadc 10/17/2013
 Windows 7 ShadowCopy miskadc 10/17/2013
 Electronic Forms Conversion draleigh 11/04/2013
Hardware Support
 Classroom Control Panel Guide miskadc 10/28/2013
 Connecting to Network Printers Johnsoet 03/13/2014
 Electronic Maintenance LEISZGJ 09/17/2016
 Equipment Checkout for Students miskadc 10/17/2013
 i>clicker Training miskadc 10/09/2014
Learning Spaces
 Campus Cable LEISZGJ 09/03/2016
 Classroom Services LEISZGJ 09/03/2016
 Desktop Computing LEISZGJ 09/03/2016
 Digital Signage stangebj 09/03/2016
 Distance Education and Videoconferencing hillislf 09/03/2016
 Office and Learning Spaces stolbejj 08/29/2014
Media and Production Services
 Audio Services LEISZGJ 09/03/2016
 Blue Jeans Network ernstcs 09/03/2016
 Digital Video Editing and Television Services LEISZGJ 09/03/2016
 Graphics LEISZGJ 09/03/2016
 Media Streaming and Recording Services ernstcs 09/03/2016
 Off-Air Recording LEISZGJ 09/03/2016
 Photography LEISZGJ 09/03/2016
 Policies Governing Audiovisual Support for Scholarly Activities LEISZGJ 04/01/2016
 Poster Printing Service hillislf 11/22/2016
 Scanning and Saving as a PDF Bateskn 09/03/2016
 Scholarly Activity Application Form LEISZGJ 09/03/2016
 Web Conferencing Options millerbk 09/03/2016
 Adding Reference Materials lentzc 10/17/2013
 Adding Video Files lentzc 10/17/2013
 Categorizing a Video lentzc 10/17/2013
 Creating Clips lentzc 10/17/2013
 Marking Content as Required lentzc 10/17/2013
 Searching Content lentzc 10/17/2013
 Setting Favorites lentzc 10/17/2013
 Setting Permissions lentzc 10/17/2013
Mobile Services
 Mobile Printing Service hillislf 06/07/2013
 Mobile Training & Instructional Support Matthew Sias 10/16/2013
 Printing from Mobile Devices miskadc 01/08/2014
 Workshop Apps piersoa 06/06/2012
 Computer & Printer Purchasing Process LEISZGJ 12/02/2016
 iPad App Purchasing Matthew Sias 05/18/2015
 On The Hub Software Store miskadc 01/09/2017
 Peripheral Purchasing miskadc 12/10/2013
 Purchasing Computers for Personal Use miskadc 08/24/2015
 Purchasing iPads and Mobile Devices Matthew Sias 05/18/2015
Information Security
 Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware miskadc 03/31/2016
 Data Safety and Protection hillislf 01/10/2014
 Phishing Attacks lentzc 03/09/2015
 TrueCrypt miskadc 10/22/2013
Software Support
 D2L Supported Browsers Johnsoet 02/18/2014
 Installing Software on Office Computers Johnsoet 02/16/2015
 Test Scoring and Course Evaluations LEISZGJ 11/17/2015
MyBlugold CampS: Faculty, Staff, and ADA Support
 ADA Documentation miskadc 01/12/2017
 ADA Navigation Tips Sheet miskadc 04/23/2014
 Attendance Tracking Submission Bateskn 04/14/2014
 Final Grade Export to MyBlugold CampS miskadc 01/05/2017
 Grade Submission miskadc 01/05/2017
 MyBlugold CampS Terminology miskadc 12/30/2014
 MyBlugold CampS: Faculty, Staff, and ADA Support miskadc 01/19/2017
 Navigation Tips Sheet miskadc 04/14/2014
 Navigation Tips Sheet for Advisors miskadc 01/08/2014
 Request Access miskadc 12/22/2014
MyBlugold CampS Student Support
 Accessing and Submitting Your Financial Aid Award miskadc 10/18/2013
 Accessing Personal Information miskadc 10/18/2013
 Apply for Graduation miskadc 10/18/2013
 Checking Grades miskadc 10/18/2013
 Class Schedule by Subject miskadc 10/22/2014
 Dropping Classes miskadc 10/18/2013
 Editing Information for Commencement miskadc 10/18/2013
 Editing Your Addresses miskadc 10/18/2013
 Editing Your Emergency Contacts miskadc 10/18/2013
 Editing Your Hometown for News Releases miskadc 10/18/2013
 Editing Your Phone Number miskadc 10/18/2013
 Enrollment Appointments miskadc 10/18/2013
 Guests: Browse Course Catalog Bateskn 10/22/2014
 Guests: Navigation in MyBlugold CampS miskadc 10/22/2014
 Guests: Public Search in the Class Schedule miskadc 06/23/2016
 Guests: Term Session Info and Dates Bateskn 10/20/2014
 MyBlugold CampS: Students and Guests miskadc 01/19/2017
 Navigation Tips Sheet miskadc 10/18/2013
 Overview of the Student Center miskadc 10/18/2013
 Planning and Enrolling in Classes miskadc 08/27/2015
 Registration Holds and To Do Lists miskadc 08/25/2016
 Reporting Other Financial Aid miskadc 10/12/2015
 Requesting Official and Unofficial Transcripts miskadc 06/03/2015
 Searching the Class Schedule miskadc 10/18/2013
 Swapping Classes miskadc 10/18/2013
 Transfer Credit Wizard miskadc 10/22/2014
 Transfer Credit Wizard - Reverse Lookup Bateskn 10/29/2014
 Using the Planner miskadc 10/18/2013
 Viewing My Class Schedule miskadc 10/18/2013
D2L ePortfolio
 Allowing Comments and Rubric Assessments on Your Content miskadc 01/10/2014
 Creating Artifacts miskadc 01/08/2014
 Creating Collections miskadc 01/10/2014
 Creating Presentations miskadc 01/08/2014
 Creating Reflections miskadc 01/10/2014
 D2L ePortfolio Support miskadc 03/01/2014
 Exporting Presentations to HTML miskadc 01/10/2014
 Importing and Exporting ePortfolio Items miskadc 01/10/2014
 Removing Sharing Permissions miskadc 01/10/2014
 Setting Up Sharing Groups miskadc 01/10/2014
 Sharing Items miskadc 02/18/2014
 Submitting Items to a Dropbox Folder for Assessment miskadc 01/10/2014
 Tagging Your Content miskadc 01/10/2014
 Understanding My Items miskadc 01/10/2014
 Using the Dashboard and Other Settings miskadc 01/10/2014
 Adding/Removing Names from a Distribution List miskadc 10/17/2013
 Email on Mobile Devices stangebj 06/23/2016
 Exporting Email Messages from your UW-Eau Claire Account Johnsoet 08/11/2015
 Getlist and Gradebook miskadc 10/17/2013
 Listserves miskadc 10/17/2013
 LTS Announcements Johnsoet 07/28/2015
 Microsoft Outlook/Webmail miskadc 05/20/2015
 Outlook 2010 miskadc 10/17/2013
 Outlook 2011 for Mac miskadc 10/17/2013
 Outlook 2013 miskadc 10/17/2013
 Outlook Webmail 2010 miskadc 10/17/2013
 Scheduling Assistant miskadc 10/17/2013
 Security on Mobile Devices miskadc 08/25/2014
 Using Student Distribution Lists miskadc 10/17/2013
 UWEC Email Support miskadc 10/17/2013
Office 365
 Accessing Office 365 savidepk 11/18/2015
 Accessing OneDrive savidepk 07/17/2015
 Changing the OneDrive Time Zone savidepk 07/17/2015
 Creating and Uploading Files on OneDrive savidepk 11/18/2015
 Enabling Access Requests savidepk 09/30/2015
 Installing Microsoft Office from Office 365 savidepk 07/17/2015
 Managing Quarantined Spam savidepk 11/19/2015
 Office 365 Support savidepk 07/24/2015
 OneDrive Security Recommendations savidepk 09/30/2015
 Sharing Files on OneDrive savidepk 11/09/2015
 Should I Install Software from Office 365? savidepk 07/17/2015
 Sync your OneDrive Files savidepk 11/18/2015
 Uninstalling Office and Deactivating Licenses savidepk 07/17/2015
 Viewing and Editing Files on OneDrive savidepk 11/18/2015
 What is OneDrive? savidepk 07/17/2015
 What is Yammer? savidepk 07/23/2015
 Yammer Acceptable Use Policy savidepk 07/23/2015
 Lab Anywhere (Virtual Lab) LEISZGJ 10/16/2013
 Lab Anywhere: Android miskadc 10/16/2013
 Lab Anywhere: Frequently Asked Questions miskadc 10/16/2013
 Lab Anywhere: iPad miskadc 10/16/2013
 Lab Anywhere: Mac OS X miskadc 10/16/2013
 Lab Anywhere: Web Access miskadc 10/16/2013
 Lab Anywhere: Windows PC miskadc 10/16/2013
 Remote Access (Lab Anywhere & VPN) miskadc 01/08/2014
 VPN Installation and Use miskadc 03/05/2014
Data Warehouse
 Data Warehouse Reporting lentzc 02/05/2014
Telephone Services
 Access eFax Mailbox lentzc 10/17/2013
 Exchange Voicemail lentzc 10/17/2013
 Fax Printing lentzc 10/17/2013
 Telephone Services hillislf 06/01/2016
 Virtual Fax Machines lentzc 10/17/2013
Technology Training
 About Training Services ryande 08/22/2016
 Course Evaluations hitesce 01/19/2016
 Group Workshops by Request miskadc 11/12/2015
 Learning Technology Consultation miskadc 01/13/2016
 Multimedia Project Support ryande 01/13/2016
 Offered Workshops miskadc 08/22/2016
 One-on-one Training miskadc 03/28/2016
 Our Training Team ryande 09/02/2016
 Supported Software ryande 11/21/2016
 Help Centers stolbejj 12/12/2013
Website and Application Development
 Faculty and Staff Profiles hillislf 07/14/2014
 Connecting to the Wireless Network Johnsoet 02/16/2015
 Wireless Networking miskadc 02/02/2015