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Winter Walking

Every year, hundreds of Wisconsinites are injured from falling on slippery parking lots and walkways. To improve your chances of surviving the winter without a potentially devastating fall, improve the traction of the shoes you wear outdoors. This can be done by wearing a good pair of shoes with a lugged sole on the way into work and then changing to business shoes once inside or by adding removable traction to your business shoes.

While many different add-on traction devices for shoes are available, one highly recommended product for adding removable traction to any shoe is Yaktrax ( Yaktrax are available at several local retailers and are well worth the $20 purchase price.

To further improve the odds:

  • Always expect slippery walking conditions when the temperature is low
  • Keep your eyes on your path of travel and be on the lookout for slippery spots
  • Don't take shortcuts over piles of snow to avoid walking around on a safer path
  • Take small careful steps when traction is in doubt