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Tornado Awareness

A TORNADO WATCH means a tornado is possible in your area. When a watch is issued:

  • Listen to local radio and TV stations for further updates.
  • Be alert to changing weather conditions. Blowing debris or the sound of an approaching tornado may alert you. Many people say it sounds like a freight train.


A TORNADO WARNING means a tornado has been sighted and may be headed to your area. When a warning is issued:

  • If you are inside, go to the safe place you picked to protect yourself from glass and other flying objects. The tornado may be approaching your area..
  • If you are outside, hurry to the basement of a nearby sturdy building or lie flat in a ditch or low-lying area.
  • If you are in a car or mobile home, get out immediately and head for safety (as above).

After the tornado passes:

  • Watch out for fallen power lines and stay out of the damaged area.
  • Listen to the radio (it may need to be battery powered) for information and instructions.
  • Use a flashlight to inspect your home for damage.


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