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Latin American Studies Scholarship


A scholarship of up to $350 for 2017-2018 school year.


  1. Must be an LAS major with senior or junior status*

  2. The recipient of the award must be enrolled at UWEC the fall semester after receiving the award.

    *If candidates are of equal strength, preference will be given to seniors.

Requirements for application: 

Student will do the following as part of the application process:  

  1. Provide information about where/when/how they fulfilled their study abroad/language immersion requirement.
  2. Provide an unofficial UWEC transcript.

  3. Write a 250-350 word essay in Spanish about their study abroad/language immersion experience and their future plans

  4. Write a 250-350 word essay in English stating why they chose LAS as a major and why they think it is important to major in LAS.

Student will also have an oral interview with the LAS scholarship committee. Questions for this interview will be posed in English and Spanish.


Please fill out the form at by the third Tuesday in March. You will enter the information and upload the documents mentioned above through this form.

 Hilda Belle Oxby Scholarship in Spanish

LAS majors can ALSO apply for the Hilda Belle Oxby Scholarship.  The total amount available for the award is $1,500.

The application deadline for the Hilda Belle Oxby Scholarship is the first Tuesday of March.

Further information about the Hilda Belle Oxby Scholarship and its application procedure can be found a .

NOTE: Scholarship money for the Hilda Belle Oxby Scholarship is applied to UWEC tuition in the next academic year; therefore, students graduating in may of the year of the application fo rthe scholarship are not eligible for the scholarship.

Further information about other scholarships for students of Languages can be found by using the following link: .

We strongly encourage you to apply for these prestigious scholarships.

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Useful Holistic Financial Aid Guide for Hispanic/Latin@ Students from