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Physical Education Teaching 


Description of Program

The University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire's Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program, accredited by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, prepares students to become certified physical educators from Early Childhood to Adolescence (K-12). The PETE program's mission is to enable prospective teacher candidates to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to be effective and impactful physical educators.

Upon successfully completing KINS 290: Introduction to Physical Education, teacher candidates will take a wide variety of courses pertaining to the planning, implementation and assessment of physical education related content areas, including courses that will lead to an Adapted Physical Education (APE) licensure. Teacher candidates will also be encouraged (but not required) to take additional courses to seek a Health Education licensure to further increase their professional marketability.

Important Information:

  • Teacher candidates are advised to take and pass the Pre Professional Skills Test (PPST) I (or PRAXIS Core) exam as early in their academic career as possible (see Academic Testing in Schofield for more information:
  • Teacher candidates must take and pass the PPST II content exam(s) before student teaching (see Academic Testing in Schofield for more information:
  • Teacher candidates are encouraged to gain as much experience with children and adolescents as possible.
  • Teacher candidates are encouraged to become members of our state and national organizations: Wisconsin Health and Physical Education (WHPE) and Society for Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE America).
  • Teacher candidates are encouraged to become actively involved in Students for Health, Adventure, and Physical Education (SHAPE) Club—a faculty supervised (but student operated) organization that promotes volunteer experiences in the community, fosters student mentorship within the program, and arranges student social events.

Career Opportunities

The Physical Education curriculum is designed to prepare students for teaching physical education in a PK-12 setting.

Visit the following websites to search for specific career opportunities in Physical Education:

Points of Pride


  • Community Outreach:
    • Teacher candidates gain invaluable experiences working within the Physical activities and Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities in the Eau Claire area (PRIDE) Program, an award winning community outreach program developed and facilitated by Dr. Marquell Johnson.
    • Teacher candidates develop teaching skills by working with children and adolescents within the Home School Physical Education Program, a mutually beneficial service for community members and students.
    • Teacher candidates who are affiliated with the SHAPE Club gain additional experiences working with children and adolescents through volunteer experiences within the Eau Claire community.
  • Teacher candidates often report feeling very prepared for student teaching due to the vast number of practicum experiences our program offers.
  • Teacher candidates are trained by knowledgeable faculty who continue to seek professional development, present research at state and national conferences, and commit to fostering an evidence-based, hands-on teacher education program.

Admission Criteria

When teacher candidates have three semesters remaining (including a semester for student teaching), they will formally apply to the teacher education program. The PETE committee will screen teacher candidates for admission to the program and make recommendations to the Teacher Education Program committee embedded within Education Studies. At the time of application, teacher candidates must submit/complete:

  • Resume
  • Degree audit
  • Course of study for remaining semesters
  • Interview

The PETE committee's recommendation will be based on five factors: 1) GPA (2.75 or higher), 2) faculty/staff evaluation, 3) interview, 4) practicum experiences with children and adolescents (outside of course requirements), and 5) professional involvement. Note: The Education Studies department has additional admission requirements that teacher candidates should closely review.


Once admitted into the Physical Education Teaching program, the student must meet the following criteria to remain in the program:

  1. maintain a 2.75 GPA
  2. continue to display appropriate dispositions toward physical education teaching as outlined by Education.

Admission to Education

See additional requirements for admission to Professional Programs in the Catalogue.

Other Information


For further questions, contact the PETE Program Director, Dr. Jamie O' or 715-836-2636