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Homeschool Physical Education 


Program Background

Since 2003, UW-Eau Claire has involved hundreds of boys and girls in fun and educational activities through the Homeschool Physical Education Program. Due to the increasing number of homeschooled children in Northwest Wisconsin, the Department of Kinesiology has expanded children’s physical education programming. The purpose of the UW-Eau Claire Homeschool Physical Education program is to provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences to enhance children’s knowledge, skills, and attitudes in sports and fitness-related activities. Activities are structured to provide children and adolescents opportunities for cooperation and competition. UW-Eau Claire Physical Education majors plan and instruct children under the direction of Dr. Yoonsin Oh.

UW-Eau Claire Homeschool PE has a listserve to inform the community members about the program information and announcements. We encourage you to sign up and stay informed. 

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Spring Semester: 12 Physical Education Classes on Tuesdays from 9:45-10:30 (excluding UWEC's Spring Break)

***Notification of specific dates will occur upon registration
***Dates and times are subject to change
***Spring registration begins prior to winter break
***Contact director if you would like your email address added to the master contact list.


The homeschool physical education program is held in the McPhee Physical Education Center on the upper campus of UW-Eau Claire. Limited parking is available on UW-Eau Claire’s upper campus Towers lot (parking passes required—will be distributed upon registration) or in the Chippewa Valley Technical College lot for $1.00/hour.  Campus map:


All children 4 - 17 years old educated at home are welcome to attend. Due to space and equipment limitations, enrollment for each session will be limited to the first 100 registrants. Participants will be grouped according to age and/or developmental level.


A structured, sequential physical education curriculum is provided for lower elementary students (4-6 years old), upper elementary students (7-9 years old), middle and high school students (10 years and older).

Focus for each level includes:

  • 4-6 year olds: Movement concepts (spatial awareness, etc), movement skills (galloping, skipping, running, etc.), physical skills (balancing, throwing, catching, etc.), and fitness (aerobic endurance, flexibility, etc.).
  • 7-9 year olds: Movement skills (Chasing, etc), physical skills (gymnastics skills, etc.), fitness (aerobic endurance, etc), and modified game play in various sports.
  • 10 years old and up:  Physical skills (striking with equipment, kicking, etc.), fitness (endurance, strength, etc.), game play in various sports, and development of personal fitness plans (emphasis on muscle strengthening activities and aerobic endurance).

What to Bring

Children should arrive with appropriate physical education clothing. Attire should allow the child to actively participate safely. Please refrain from any oversized clothing, shirts showing the midriff, or slip-on shoes. We recommend that the children bring a water bottle with their name on it.

Home School Program Special Features

  • Participant to instructor ratio approximately 7:1
  • Enthusiastic instructors who enjoy working with children
  • Opportunity to participate in large group activities
  • Developmentally appropriate physical education curriculum
  • Fun and interesting activities
  • Exposure to new activities and equipment
  • Learn ideas to supplement activities at home


Registration and Cost

$25/participant/semester ($50 maximum/family)

***Up to half of the tuition may be waived for families in financial need.

Each participant must return tuition, completed registration form, and completed medical form before participation.

Director Information

Dr. Yoonsin Oh
Homeschool Physical Education Program Director
Assistant Professor
(715) 836-4400
Fax: (715) 836-4074


UW-Eau Claire students who are enrolled in Physical Education Teaching courses and preparing to be educators provide instruction. Dr. Oh actively supervises the instructors' lessons.

Home School PE students and leaders