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Mail Service

Each student is assigned a mailbox located in the student's residence hall lobby. The mailbox may be opened only by a key.

Towers Desk

The University has two types of mail services available for students to use.

Off Campus Mail Service

The US Postal Service picks up and drops off mail in the residence halls and in the Davies Center daily. Stamps are sold in Towers Hall between the front desk and Housing Office, Chancellors basement, at Campus Information Services and at the University Service Center.

On Campus Mail Service

The University also offers an on-campus mail service. No postage is necessary for this service; however, mail will only be delivered to campus addresses. The campus mail service offers pick-up and delivery services to every residence hall as well as various locations around campus Monday through Friday.

Federal law prohibits the distribution of mail across the counter of the reception desk. When a student receives a package, a notice is placed in the mailbox. This notice should be shown with a University I.D. to claim a package at the reception desk. Students will be asked to sign for packages. No one else may claim a package for a student.

Mail is delivered to and picked up from each hall every day except Sundays and holidays. To assure proper delivery, mail should be addressed as follows:

1. Student's Name

2. [Room Number and Name of Residence Hall]

3. [Residence Hall Street Address]

4. Eau Claire, WI 54701

Residence Hall Street Addresses

Bridgman Hall: 610 Hilltop Circle

Chancellors Hall: 820 University Drive

Governors Hall: 640 Hilltop Circle

Horan Hall: 651 Hilltop Circle

Murray Hall: 11 Garfield Ave

Oak Ridge Hall: 810 University Drive

Putnam Hall: 99 Garfield Ave

Sutherland Hall: 620 Hilltop Circle

Thomas Hall: 101 Garfield Ave

Towers Hall (North & South): 642 University Drive