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I plan to apply to be an RA for 2018-2019 and the hiring process occurs during spring term. If I have not yet submitted my housing deposit and application, should I do that in February?

We are very excited that you are interested in the awesome opportunity to be an RA to enhance your leadership skills, assist fellow students, network on campus, and build your resume. But Yes, if you would like to live on campus if you are not awarded the RA position, then you should submit your materials to get on the waitlist. The RA hiring process is very competitive and since you are not 100% sure if you have the job yet or not, make sure you lick in your spot on the waitlist for next year. If you are hired, you will be refunded the $75 housing deposit and you will be assigned an RA room.

Haymarket has two contract options, correct?

Yes! You can decide what works best for you. There is cost saving if you select a 12-month yearly contract versus selecting a 9-month academic year contract and then decide to add on the summer contract later.

Summer Rates:
o Traditional Residence Hall: $13-$16 per night
o Haymarket prices vary based on unit: $33-$40 per night
o Chancellors=$20 per night
? Must live in Chancellors for spring 2018 or fall 2018 to live there for summer 2018.

Can individuals in a roommate group at Haymarket have different contract terms?

Yes! Individuals with 9 month-academic term contracts and 12-month yearly contracts can choose to live together during the school year.

I have a 12-month yearly contract at Haymarket but all my roommates have 9 month-academic term contracts. Will I stay in the same unit for the entire length of my 12-month yearly contract? Will I have roommate for the summer 2018?

Yes! Once you select your room, this is your assignment for the entire 12-month yearly contract from June 1, 2018-May 25, 2019.  If you have roommates that signed 9-month academic term contracts, you may be assigned different roommates for summer 2018 only.

I would like to change the contract term that I originally selected. Can I do this?

You can submit a request for a contract change in My Housing Portal, My Application. All contract changes must be completed by May 1, 2018. (no changes after this date)

I will be study abroad spring 2019 or graduating in December 2018, thus I do not need housing for spring 2019. What are my options?

All returning student building options and contract lengths are available. You select the contract term that fits your situation if you want to move-in June 2018 (12-month yearly contract) or September 2018 (9-month academic term contract), you decide.  Under the Board of Regents policy any individual that is verified to graduate in December or study abroad for spring term will have their spring portion of the housing contract will be terminated.
When you sign the housing contract, you will sign either a 9 month-academic term or 12 month-yearly term contract. If your plans change and you will not study abroad or graduate, you will be held to the full terms of the contract you have signed.

I have a special needs room request based on a documented medical concern, what do I need to do?

Only requests with supporting medical documentation will be reviewed. Contact the Services for Students with Disabilities Office at or 715-836-5800.
All requests will be reviewed by SSD and the Director of Housing. You will be notified on your request status via email. All requests should be received by Friday, October 9th. All approved requests will receive specific sign up instructions upon approval.

Are meal plans required and how do I sign up?

Meal plans will be optional for Chancellors, Haymarket, Priory, and Aspenson Mogensen Hall as these locations have kitchen facilities accessible to student. Meal plans are required at the Clarion Hotel.  More information about the meal plan sign up process will be available in April 2018.

I want to request an incoming transfer student as a roommate?

Only transfer students will be eligible to live in the returning student building options. If you would like to request a transfer student for 2018-2019, the transfer student must designate this on their housing application in April and the current student needs to email indicating that they are requesting transfer student with first name, last name, and birthdate.

I would like to select a room at Haymarket Landing, Clarion, Priory, or Aspenson Mogensen. How do I get parking at these locations?

Watch for parking information during spring semester 2018.

  • Haymarket Underground: $213 per semester
  • Haymarket City of Eau Claire Ramp: $170 per semester
  • Aspensen Mogensen underground: $80 per semester
  • Aspensen Mogensen surface lot: included in room fee based on availability
  • Clarion: Included in room free based on availability
  • Priory: More info here

Will I be able to change rooms after the room selection process?

Individuals who have an assignment may submit a room change request form at My Housing Portal, My Bookings, Room Change. Individuals on the waitlist must wait to have an official assignment before a room change request can be completed. There is no guarantee housing will be able to accommodate your room change request but we will certainly try as other room changes and cancellations occur.

I want a single. What are my options?

All single options are first come first serve and depend on what is available during your scheduled lottery sign up time.

  • Haymarket offers studio and 1 bedroom single options
  • Aspsenon Mogensen offers 1 bedroom single options ?
  • Priory Hall offers all single traditional residence hall style rooms ?
  • Chancellors, Haymarket and Mogensen offer options for single bedrooms within a shared apartment

I plan to study abroad Fall Semester 2018.  What should I do if I want to live on campus second semester (Spring 2019)?

Spring 2019 applications open on September 15, 2018 at My Housing Portal. Make sure to pay your $75 housing deposit and complete a second semester application at that time. Remember, all assignments are based on application date.

At Aspenson Mogensen Hall or Haymarket Landing, I have signed a 12-month yearly contract but I will not be living there for summer 2018. Can I sublease my apartment space?

No subleasing is allowed in any University Sponsored Housing including Aspenson Mogensen and Haymarket Landing.

I am on the waitlist, when can I anticipate receiving an assignment?

Waitlist assignments will be done weekly as spaces are available in the Clarion that become available through room change and/or cancellations. We thank you in advance for your patience as we work through this process. It could take until May/June for all individuals on the waitlist to receive an assignment based on room availability.

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