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Hall Raisers

Become a Hall Raiser!

Available to returning residents of Towers Hall. The purpose of being a hall raiser is to welcome 1st year students and families to their new home.

Some ways you can do this are:

  • Help students and families carry their belongings to their rooms
  • Get to know the new people - find out who they are, answer questions, promote upcoming programs and events
  • Help them understand how the combinations work, find the laundry room, the computer lab, the bathroom, restaurants to take parents to, general directions
  • Encourage resident to get involved in Towers Hall Council, to purchase Hall Council Activity Passes and apparel
  • Inform them of the loft process, take care of any facility issues, or use any other veteran tips you have
  • Promote CUBE fest, wing activities, and Mandatory wing meetings


  • Wear your name tag and T-shirt whenever "on duty"
  • Follow the policies and procedures set up
  • Be on time
  • Show up and do what you volunteer to do
  • You will need to work a specified number of move in shifts (number to be determined at a later date)
  • You will need to work a specified number of CUBEfest shifts (number to be determined at a later date)
  • Some shifts available may be working with a loft crew, lofting beds in Towers

Benefits to being a hall raiser

  • Avoid the crowd and move-in a day early
  • Have a chance to make a great first impression of Towers Hall and UWEC for a new student and their family
  • Meet new Towers residents and their families
  • Make the move-in process easier for the new residents and their families
  • Get a cool new T-shirt
  • Have tons of fun!

To get started, fill out our Hall Raiser eForm Applications are still being accepted.