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Towers Hall Hall Council

Towers Hall Council is Towers' North and South student-run government that strives to involve residents in activities, develop community within the hall, promote an active environment, provide students with hall-specific services and to give numerous leadership opportunities.

Hall Council meetings are held once a week, where issues pertaining to the hall are discussed. All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings. The meetings are a great way to meet people, find out what's going on in the hall, and to get involved in your hall.

Towers Hall Council Meetings:

8:00pm | Towers Social Room (basement) | Email: Towers Hall Council
Open to all Towers residents. Talk to your RA about being a wing rep for your wing.

Core Fundamentals to cover each meeting

  • Hall Activities- Discuss and plan upcoming Towers activities and events.
  • Hall improvements-Concerns with common areas (Commons, study lounge, Social Rooms, Kitchens, Lobby, Hallways, Stairwells, workout room, laundry room, practice rooms), escort hours, quiet hours, recycling, smoking concerns, pianos.
  • Housing organizations- Elected representatives for the organizations from Hall Council give updates on their groups.
  • Hall Council Reports- Executive Board, Hall Directors, Committee Chairs, Wing representatives all give updates.
  • Desk issues- sales, money raised, concerns with desk functions.
  • Funding requests- individuals and groups ask for funding for programs and charities.
  • Guest Speakers- Present information to Hall council.

Towers Hall Council Staff:

President – Judi
VP Coordinator North - Kelly
VP Coordinator South – Annalise Hanschke
Treasurer - Tiffany St. Germain
Secretary - Alyssa Kufahl
Assess Manager – Matt Ober
Media Director - Molly Dyer
Sustainability Manager – Mat Zuelke
Advisor/North Hall Director - Kerry Day
Advisor/South Hall Director - Ryan Banaszak