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Horan Hall is separated into two wings: North and South. Each wing consists of between 27 & 29 residents (fewer on first floor) and one Resident Assistant (RA).

Horan is an all-male hall. All standard rooms house two residents each.

Room numbers are shown in gray, RA room numbers are shown in blue, unless otherwise noted.

Select a Wing


1st North
Rms 121-134
1st South
Rms 103-120
2nd North
Rms 202-216
Rms 302-316
Rms 402-416
2nd South *
Rms 220-234
Rms 320-334
Rms 420-434
Basement North °
Room 12
Basement South °
No Student Rooms

Starting at the second floor (room numbers in the 200s), All rooms are identical vertically. As such, second floor can be used as a reference for all floors above it; for example, room 202 is the same as 302, 402, etc.

°Room 12, the basement 'lounge' room, is used for a residential room when the rest of campus is filled. Residents of this room have first priority to be moved into a higher floor, upon request. Room 12 is considered part of the First South wing. The basement is divided here for the purpose of navigating this website.