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Proposed rates for the 2017-18 Academic Year (per semester):

Housing and Residence Life Contract Policies are listed at the bottom of this page.


You can find more information on the Business Office Deposits page.


Students have until May 1 each year to cancel their housing contract and receive a refund of their $75 room reservation deposit. Please go to and compete the Cancellation Request.

Under no circumstances will the $75 deposit be refunded after May 1 each year. The room reservation deposit is security for a guarantee on the student's part that the room will be occupied for the full academic year. The money is held in escrow and applied to second semester fees.

Please note that even if students are released from their housing contract, they do not receive a refund of their $75 housing deposit. The Board of Regents for the University of Wisconsin System has established the following reasons for allowing students to be released from their contract:

  • Student is quitting school, graduating, involved in a university-sponsored educational experience here or overseas, or is transferring to another university.
  • Student has a serious medical problem that cannot be accommodated in the residence halls as noted by a family physician or by University Health Services Center.
  • Student gets married and will be living with spouse.

The Business Office Business Office will continue to bill students for their room for the entire year unless they have been officially released by the Housing and Residence Life Office.  In order to be officially released from the financial obligation of a yearlong housing contract, students must submit a cancellation request form at My Housing Portal. All requests for cancellation are reviewed by the Director of Housing and may take up to 10 business days for decision.  We do not have partial year contracts. All contracts are from the date of arrival through the end of the spring semester.

Students withdrawing from the University must report to the office of the dean of the school in which they are enrolled to begin the official procedure as well as submit a cancellation request at My Housing Portal.  After withdrawing from school, students must coordinate the room check out process from the residence hall with a Hall Director and a Resident Assistant.  Rooms must be vacated in the residence halls within 24 hours after withdrawing from school. Students also are required to vacate rooms at the conclusion of the academic year not later than 24 hours after completing their last final examination.

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