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General Hall Information - Common Facilities - Room Connections

General Hall Information To Top

  • Room Rates
  • Proposed Rates for the current Academic Year (per year).

  • Dining
  • Blugold dining has information including meal plans, dining hours and locations.

  • Bicycles
  • Rules and Regulations:
    Bicycles may only park in designated areas located around campus. To prevent theft, please lock your bicycle. Permits are not required.
    Parking in non-designated areas (railings, sign posts, buildings, trees, etc.) will result in a ticket and a Parking Office lock on the bicycle.
    Bicycles left locked for seven days will be impounded.
    Locks will only be released by Parking personnel (SSS 106) during regular office hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.
    More information can be found on the University's Parking website .

  • Furniture
  • All the residence hall have loft furniture installed. Lofts provide the flexibility of 101 configurations, including bunks, lofts, one bed up/one down, and both beds down. Housing personnel are available to assist with furniture arrangements all year. You can submit a online loft/furniture request form with the maintenance department from our online forms page . More specific information can be found on our website's furniture page.

  • Decorations
  • Pictures, pennants, posters and other decorations should be attached to bulletin boards only. The use of tacks, nails or tape on walls, doors, ceilings or floors is prohibited. Masking tape may be used with care on unpainted surfaces. Electric lights should be kept away from bulletin boards and other flammable materials such as crepe paper because of the danger of fire.

    The original design of walls, ceilings and floors may not be covered. Rugs on the floor are permitted. If bringing carpet, a 12' x 15' piece is recommended. University furniture may not be removed from the room at any time. If a person is injured because of a change or modification made by a student to his or her room or furnishings, the University cannot be held liable.

  • Living Learning Communities
  • Want to live what you learn? Check out our various Living Learning Communities .

  • Work Requests
  • You are responsible for maintaining your residence hall room. If the furnishings provided by the University need to be repaired, you should contact either your RA or your Hall Director immediately. They will help you complete a work request.

    The Housing and Residence Life Office will then send a skilled professional or a trained member of its work study staff to repair the problem you have reported. If you are responsible for the damage, you will be charged. It is your responsibility to report any problems as soon as possible. You may submit a Maintenance Request form from our forms page .

Common Facilities To Top

  • Laundry Facilities
  • The laundry facilities in the halls consist of washers and dryers, washtubs and counters. To activate a washer, use your Blugold Card. (You must have money in your Blugold Account.) The cost for each load is $2.25. Dryer use is free. You can add money to your account at the Value Transfer Stations, online at the Blugold office.

  • Computer Labs
  • The Housing Computer Labs are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Printing is also standard in the labs with students providing their own printing paper. More specific information can be found on our Housing Computer Labs page.

    If there is ever a hardware or software problem with a computer in the labs, call ResCom Help Desk at 55-4271.

  • Front Desks
  • In the main lobby of each residence hall is a reception desk. The reception desk serves as an informational center for each hall. It has the name and phone number of all residents living in the hall. The reception desk can also be a resource for on-campus as well as emergency numbers.

  • Front Desk Phone Numbers:
    Bridgman 855.4910 Putnam 855.4600
    Chancellors  855.2614 Sutherland 855.4667
    Governors 855.4401 Thomas 855.4726
    Horan 855.4469 Towers North 855.4727
    Murray 855.4531 Towers South  855.4727
    Oak Ridge 855.4598

  • Kitchens
  • Many halls and hall councils have a supply of kitchen stuff that students can use if they purchase a hall council activity sticker for that hall. Various cooking equipment such as pots, pans, utensils, and silverware may be checked out at the halls' front desk for use in the hall kitchens. Major appliances, including a refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven and microwave, and yes, even the kitchen sink, are available for use in most residence halls kitchens.

  • Social Rooms
  • Social rooms are located in six of our residence halls: Horan, Towers, Oak Ridge, Murray, Thomas and Governors. Social rooms are open to all members of the residence halls and their guests. The rooms are used for dinner parties and other events as approved by Hall Directors. The social room kitchens are equipped with modern appliances including a microwave oven. China, crystal, and linens are available. About 1,000 students use the social rooms each month for events such as dinners, pizza parties, and educational programs.

  • Fitness Areas
  • Most of the residence halls have exercise areas located in their basements. Universal fitness equipment is installed, along with stationary bicycles and rowing equipment, in most of the exercise areas. We hope you will take advantage of these facilities for your routine workouts.

  • Lounges
  • The main lounge of each residence hall is equipped with chairs, couches, tables, lamps, and, in some cases, television sets and pianos. All residence halls feature several study lounges furnished with chairs, desks and couches. Several of the residence halls also have a TV lounge with a big screen TV for resident use.

Room Connections To Top

  • Telephone Service
  • Students can request an activated land line for their residence hall room. There is a per semester charge for this activation. You can fill out a Telephone Land Line Request Form or in the Housing Office .

  • Cable Service
  • Housing & Residence Life now offers High Definition TV cable service in the residence halls.  Each room has a cable TV outlet. Cables for the outlets are distributed at the beginning of the year. Numerous commercial stations and foreign language broadcasts are available through the cable system lineup , including ESPN, MTV, The Weather Channel, C-SPAN and CNN, to name a few. In addition, the University has its own television channel and broadcasting studio, TV10 , and its own radio station, SRI . They are both completely student-run organizations.

  • Network Access
  • Wired Internet: Ethernet Cables are needed if you are connecting to the wired network. If you do not own one, you can purchase a 25-foot Ethernet cable from your Residence Hall's Front Desk for $8.00.
    To connect to a wired Ethernet port in your residence hall room, it must first be activated. To request to get a port activated in your room, please visit our port activations page.  More information on wired Internet in the Residence Halls is available at Getting Connected.

  • Wireless Internet:
    To connect to our campus wireless network, find the wireless broadcast (SSID) named "UWECwireless" on your device  and connect to it.  More information on wireless Internet on campus is available at Getting Connected.

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