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Learning Outcomes


The Department of Housing and Residence Life believes that learning happens not just in the classroom. Therefore, the department has developed learning outcomes for our residents while they reside on-campus. Starting in Fall 2017, Housing has edited and streamlined their learning outcomes from eight to four in order to best align with the university's guidepost goals. The new outcomes are as follows: 

Students will demonstrate wellness in their academic lives. 

  • Students identify and utilize academically related on-campus resources as appropriate. 
  • Students effectively manage their time and commitments. 
  • Students display an understanding of degree requirements to graduate in a timely manner. 
  • Students seek or create opportunities to develop strong learning environments in the residence halls. 
Students will respect differences. 

  • Students seek to understand viewpoints of others and appreciate the value of other world views. 
  • Students will engage in activities different from their cultural upbringing. 
  • Students will engage in discussion around sensitive issues with respect. 
  • Students will work to create and inclusive environment for all. 
Students will be engaged citizens and residents. 

  • Students participate in the development and maintenance of their communities. 
  • Students participate in opportunities that develop leadership skills. 
  • Students will comply with community standards. 
  • Students participate in learning opportunities beyond the classroom. 
Students will demonstrate wellness in their personal lives. 

  • Students demonstrate an understanding of balance between education, work, and leisure time. 
  • Students manage emotions appropriately. 
  • Students recognize the importance of wellness in achieving academic goals. 
  • Students increase autonomy in basic life skills (laundry, cleaning, cooking, hygiene, etc.)