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Green Events!

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Sustainability Events in Housing


Cardboard Corrals

During Move In cardboard and stretchy plastic packaging and shopping bags are collected under tents that are placed between the halls and recycled. During the academic year the cardboard is collected at stations in the basement and stretchy plastic and plastic bags can be recycled in bins located in the lobby of each res hall.

Give and Take - Move Out Event

At the end of the year students living in the residence halls can bring items they do not need to tents between the res halls to trade. Items that are not claimed will be donated. We will also recycle broken electronics and cardboard. School supplies, nonperishable food, toiletries and clothes will be collected and donated to nonprofit organizations and to the university food pantry.

Caught Green Handed Competition

During Recyclemania in February and March the res hall students can compete in a sustainability competition. Each hall can get points for doing the best per capita recycling, holding sustainability events, requesting SEED programs and other fun "green" activities. The winning hall is awarded 3 free washes per resident.

Just Bag It Fashion Show - Earth Week

In April students across campus can participate in the Just Bag It Fashion Show sponsored by Housing's Office of Sustainability. Students can make costumes from recycled, repurposed materials and win cash prizes for the top 4 winners.