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International LLC

Few things are more exciting than traveling to another country – but when you are still learning the language it can be a bit intimidating.  That’s why we have created the International Living-Learning Community, which serves as home to students from around the globe who come to UW-Eau Claire for intensive English study.  They are joined by roommates from the United States who are excited  to live with a roommate from another country, and help them gain practical English speaking skills right at home.


In the International Living-Learning Community, you will have the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of cultures and life experiences.  If you are from the U.S., this may help you have a leg up as you apply to Study Abroad, and prepare for careers that have a global focus.  If you are from another country, it provides you an opportunity to practice speaking English in a relaxed and comfortable space. And for all students, it makes a large world feel more local.

Housing and Residence Life partners with the Center for International Education to create programs and activities that will help students have fun together, increase both cultural awareness and comfort, and focus on English competency.  And there will be plenty of opportunity to show what Wisconsin (and even Minnesota) contribute to American culture!