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First Year Residential Experience

Are you equal parts excited and nervous about your first year at UW-Eau Claire? Would living with other first year students, who are experiencing the same transition that you are, give you confidence? How about fi we told you that we have caring and dedicated staff who have designed a series of activities that will help ensure your success if you participate fully?

In the First Year Residential Experience (FYRE), located in Oak Ridge Hall, our intent is to help "spark" your success. In the Fall Semester, we'll help you bring the large scale of the University down to a more personal size - making it easier to find opportunities for involvement that meet your interests and personality. At the same time we'll introduce you to campus resources that help you achieve academically. In the Spring semester, when you are more settled and comfortable, we'll stretch you - connecting you to on campus employment, helping you confirm or select your major, and asking you to consider making commitments to follow your dreams for college.

If you participate fully in FYRE you will:

  • Be knowledgeable about campus resources, and find your motivation to use them.
  • Feel an increased sense of belonging, purpose, and connection.
  • Be better prepared for transition into sophomore year.
  • Have an understanding of what it means to achieve independence.
  • Have set goals for what you want to accomplish in your 4 years, and a plan to achieve it.