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Spanish LLC

The Spanish LLC would be the "home" of 20 to 25 students who commit to "living" the SpanishLLC_logoSpanish language and culture. The LLC, located in Katherine Thomas Hall, would also be the site for events introducing other students and staff on campus and Eau Claire community to various aspects of the Spanish-speaking world.

Living in this LLC will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and culture. You also will have the chance to serve as a cultural ambassador to the other resident hall students, campus community and to prospective students.

Immerse yourself in Spanish language and culture

A Spanish language class specifically designed for this LLC will help you increase your oral SpanishLLC_girlsproficiency in Spanish at a faster rate than other students enrolled only in regular, semester university Spanish class.

In addition, you will have ample opportunities to engage with the Spanish-speaking population here in the Chippewa Valley and beyond. These experiences will demonstrate the direct connection between your studies and the multicultural world in which you will live.

Program Location: Katherine Thomas Hall

Program Pre-Requisites:  Ability to enroll in Spanish or Latin American Studies.

Program Requirements:  Students must enroll in a Spanish or Latin American Studies Course in both Fall and Spring semesters.