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Leadership LLC

Leadership-LLCThe Leadership Learning Community provides an opportunity for up to 40 first year students to explore the concept of leadership both in theory and practice. Students will attend leadership seminars (non-credit and for credit), listen to speakers, take field trips, and participate in specialized programs designed only for the learning community participants. Living in the Leadership Learning Community is a great way to start your college experience and meet others interested in making a positive impact on the UW-Eau Claire community!

Program Location: Governors Hall 3rd and 4th West

Program Pre-Requisites: Enrollment in CJ 202 (3 credits) in the fall and BSAD 191 in the spring semester.  A special non-credit leadership seminar is also offered for LLC participants in the fall semester.

Program Requirements: Must enroll in for-credit Leadership Courses, including BSAD 191 and/or CJ 202.  Participation in the non-credit leadership seminar is strongly encouraged for members.

Goals of the Leadership LLC

  • Apply leadership knowledge through involvement in bettering the campus community.
  • Articulate the importance of and the practice of ongoing leadership development and lifelong learning. 
  • Understand the evolution of leadership theory, the variety of theories in practice, and how to apply theory appropriately. 
  • Understand themselves as leaders and how their leadership strengths and styles affect relationships with others.  
  • Develop strategies to foster the development of leadership in others

What are you going to do in the LLC?


  • Strengths Quest
    A program that shows how to respect differences in other people. Through these differences we find out how our strengths and others' strengths can be used together.
  • Kick it with Kindness
    An activity where you use positive and kind descriptive words to express thoughts about their fellow residents.
  • Self-Esteem Circle
    An opportunity where the residents get to see what others think of them. Traits are read aloud and then attributed to people who others say fit.
  • Service Learning Project
    Plan a service learning project in the community or region that can count towards your university service learning requirement.
Living LLC

What students are saying about the LLC...


"I think the LLC has made me a better person." 

"The LLC was honestly a great experience and I would've regretted it if I wouldn't have joined."