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Honors LLC

Honors LLC Students accepted into the University Honors Program may join the Honors Learning Community on a first-come, first-served basis, located in Bridgman Hall. Led by dynamic Honors RAs and Honors student mentors, the entire Bridgman Community houses approximately 242 honors students to live, study, play and grow together with like-minded peers!

The community will be a center for the vibrant intellectual, cultural and social life of the university honors program. Classes, films, discussions and even parties will be hosted by the Honors Learning Community. Members will enroll in a minimum of 3 Honors course credits per semester and participate in the University Honors Program. Membership in the community is available to students in good Honors standing for a minimum of two years.

Lcoated in Bridgman Hall
Honors LLC
Honors LLC Requirements

What students are saying about the LLC...

"The programs, friendships, and memories created in this atmosphere will be some of the greatest highlights of your year!"

"The Honors Living and Learning Community provided me with a supportive, inviting, and fun atmosphere that helped ease the stress and tension of transitioning to college."

"I think that I could probably write an entire book about how much I've enjoyed my time in the Honors LLC! "

"I thought it was truly special how such a large group of students with differing backgrounds could come together and form such a close community."