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Global LLC

The Global Learning Community provides an opportunity for domestic and international studentsGlobal LLC to live together and engage in learning experiences related to living in an increasingly global society. Opportunities exist in the GLC for students to prepare for study abroad and for students returning from study abroad to share their experiences. The GLC is open to all students who desire to learn more about global issues.

Program Location:  Thomas Hall

Program Pre-Requisites: None, this program is available to any UW-Eau Claire students as space allows.

Program Requirements: Must enroll in a foreign language or foreign culture course (at least 2 credits) in both the Fall and Spring semesters.


  • Culture Shock Round Table
    An activity where members of the LLC get together and share their experiences with culture shock and reverse culture shock. The residents are also given additional resources with how to deal with culture shock.
  • Folk Fair
    An activity where the residents attend a fair and experience different languages, culture and foods.
  • International Fall Festival
    The residents of the LLC and Hall participate in the cultural activities of the festival.