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Housing and Residence Life is continually striving to improve the sustainability of our campus community. Explore our sustainability webpage to see what we are doing right now to make us more environmentally friendly.

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?If you know of any sustainability initiatives going on in your residence hall send a message (link located below) so we can post it for everyone to see!


Here are ten tips you can do to become more eco friendly:

  1. RECYCLE!!
    Within the residence halls or around campus, please feel free to recycle any of the above items!
  2. Lights out: Turn off the lights when you leave a room!
    And flip the switch if you see lights left on in unoccupied classrooms, study areas, and even every time you leave your room or bathroom.
  3. Give it a rest: Switch off computers/monitors at night
    Turning off your computer actually reduces heat stress and wear on your system while saving energy. Turn off that screen saver! Because of new technology, screen savers do not actually save energy unless they turn off your screen or back light of your laptop. Instead, turn your monitor off when your computer will not be in use.
  4. Use less stuff
    Keep a reusable mug or water bottle with you. You're beverage will hold its temperature longer and you can cut down on the amount of plastic you use
  5. Be water wise
    Report leaky faucets to your RA or front desk and make sure that you always turn faucets and showers completely off. Use cold water when washing clothes to be more energy efficient. Taking shorter showers, even if by a minute, can save several gallons of water.
  6. Unplug Electronics
    Unplug your cell phone chargers, game councils and hair irons and other electronics when not in use, if they are plugged in even if turned off, they still consume energy
  7. Don't go alone: Carpool
    Hang out with friends while carpooling to the mall or grocery store
  8. Try the bus
    Going downtown? The bus provides free public transportation
  9. Use that Backpack!
    Do you really need a bag? If you carry a backpack use it! When purchasing items on campus, ask yourself if items you purchase will fit in your backpack instead of taking a disposable bag.
  10. Close the loop
    Buy recycled material! Take a look at the label before you make your next purchase, especially with paper products