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Resident Assistant Description

Qualificationsup Arrow

1. Demonstrate qualities of leadership, enthusiasm, and maturity.

2. Responsible sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student.

3. Adequate knowledge of the campus community acquired through experience on campus at least one semester on the UWEC campus, i.e. you must be a second semester freshman to apply.

4. Must be a continuing student in good academic standing.

A. The semester of application, s/he must receive a 2.5 semester grade point average. In addition, his/her G.P.A. the previous semester as well as the cumulative grade point average must be at least a 2.5. No probationary period is permitted for new RAs.
B. S/he must maintain a 2.5 grade point average each semester as a Resident Assistant.
C. A continuing RA will be permitted one employment probationary semester during his/her employment. If an RA’s G.P.A. falls below 2.5 the RA will be placed on Housing probation. Once on probation, the RA must receive a 2.5 or higher G.P.A. the next semester or employment will be terminated.

5. Sensitivity to others and a genuine interest in working with both students and administration.

6. Shown ability to live and interact as an inclusive community member.

7. Excellent character.

8. Willingness to accept responsibility, complete all RA training requirements, and learn on the job.

9. Successful completion of a criminal background check.

Remuneration/ Benefitsup Arrow

1. Double room.

2. Platinum meal plan

3. Cash stipend of $800 per semester.

4. An opportunity to develop interpersonal communication and leadership skills.

Duties and Responsibilitiesup Arrow

With Students

1. Know all residents on the wing or cube. Take an interest in and visit with all residents.

2. Be aware of significant conditions that exist among residents. Report them to Hall Director.

3. Be available. RAs should mostly study in their room so they're available to residents.

4. Establish the tone, spirit and discipline of the hall in the first several weeks of the year.

5. Provide information about the university and its services.

6. Explain, interpret and enforce UW-Eau Claire regulations and policies.

7. Be familiar with university and residence hall regulations, as well as rules and policies outlined in the RA manual and in the Community Conduct System.

8. Gain the respect of the residents by being a good example.

9. Enforce quiet hours; help maintain a good study atmosphere.

10. Enforce all hall and university rules to the best of your ability.

11. Attend all wing meetings, and residence hall functions and activities.

12. Encourage residents to use Health Services when appropriate. Report serious illnesses and injuries to the Hall Director or the Hall Director on duty.

13. If needed, assist residents who are ill to obtain take-out meals from Dining Services.

14. Advise students to lock up valuables when not around and to lock their doors at all times. Inform the residents of what to do if they lose something.

15. Make sure residents are properly checked in and out. Be sure each resident is aware of the check-in and check-out procedures.

16. Maintain an active bulletin board of events that may interest students. Post information promptly and remove obsolete material immediately. Encourage students to read it.

17. Explain room change and sign-up procedures.

18. Explain the role of the Housing-related committees and leadership opportunities.

With Hall and Hall Government

Hall government plays an important role in developing the residents' expectations about their hall community and in recognizing residents' contributions and achievements. By encouraging participation in hall government and assisting students who become involved, RAs can help students develop leadership skills and contribute to the success of hall.

1. Serve as an adviser to the hall government.

2. Work with Hall Director and hall government to report hall needs to the Housing Office.

With the Hall Director

The Hall Director is the chief officer in the residence hall. Many RA duties overlap with those of the Hall Director. Specific duties will be identified in meetings. Duties may include:

1. Assist with social, educational, service, recreational and political programs and activities in the hall.

2. Fulfill administrative responsibilities as assigned by the Hall Director.

3. Cooperate with and be loyal to the Hall Director.

4. Serve on administrative committees as needed.

5. Meet regularly to discuss events, programs, committee actions and problems.

6. Take a night of duty on a rotating schedule. RAs on duty must be in the hall, be the first to offer help, tour the hall several times a night and contact Hall Director if trouble arises.

7. Help students check in and out of the halls.

8. Participate in the hall orientation program if one is established.

9. Report problems on your wing to the Hall Director.

10. Assume responsibility for the hall’s operations when Hall Director is absent (in conjunction with the Hall Director on duty).

11. Assist the Hall Director with minor disciplinary problems and enforcing quiet hours.

12. Assist the Hall Director in working with non-members of the hall.

13. Confirm that residents live in assigned room. Inform Hall Director about discrepancies.

14. Report theft or loss of property to the Hall Director.

15. Work cooperatively with the other RAs in your hall.

16. RAs who stay in halls during vacations will assume duties assigned by the Hall Director.

With the Housing Office

1. Attend an orientation camp at the start of the year to review RA job responsibilities.

2. RAs must return to campus earlier in the semester than other residents so they can greet students as they arrive.

3. Attend all in-service training programs as scheduled.

4. Complete and return forms promptly when required through the Housing Office.

5. Be available.

With the University

1. Be familiar with university rules and regulations. Enforce them fairly.

2. Serve as a public relations figure for the hall and the university.

3. Assume general responsibility for student activities and behavior in areas adjacent to the halls. Report unfavorable conduct to the Hall Director.

With the Building

1. See that common areas in the building are kept neat and clean.

2. Check the wing for maintenance and emergency repair problems, electrical equipment problems and fire hazards. Report problems to the Hall Director.

3. Inform residents about the reception desk and its functions, services and hours.

4. Explain rules for the kitchen, social room, computer lab and other common areas.