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What standardized tests do I have to take to complete a major in history or social studies education? What are they like? And when do I have to take them?

History and social studies education majors may be required to pass Praxis CORE before they can register for ES 212 and they are required to pass Praxis II before they can student teach. Both of these Praxis tests were created by ETS and you can find more information about them on the Praxis portal of the ETS website. Students who have a minimum composite ACT of 23 AND a minimum of 20 on the English, math and reading subject scores (or SAT scores of 450 or higher on verbal and math with a total score of 1070 or higher) are not required to take CORE.  Students who have a composite score on the ACT Plus Writing exam of 22 and an English/Writing sub-score of 20 are not required to take CORE either. ACT scores are valid for 10 years from the test date and must still be valid when graduates are licensed. Since Praxis II tests content knowledge, you should look at sample questions as you decide which social studies classes to take.

If you are required to take Praxis CORE, you should do this as soon as possible, even at the very beginning of your freshman year. Once you have passed Praxis Core, have completed 14 credits, and have a GPA of 2.75 or better, you can register for ES 212. It will be in this course that you prepare the portfolio you will use to apply to the Education Program.

You should take Praxis II no later than the semester you take block in the College of Education and Human Sciences. You should take it earlier if you want to move directly from block into student teaching.

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