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Do I need a Minor?

All students completing a standard 36 credit major are required to complete a second program. If you are in the 2014-15 catalog or earlier, you will need to complete a 24 credit minor.  Starting in fall 2015, students can complete a certificate instead of a minor.

History majors in the College of Arts and Sciences typically choose from a wide variety of minors or certificates. Some choose second programs related to their major, such as ancient studies or American Indian studies. Others choose second programs with a more professional focus, such as broadcast journalism. Which minor or certificate you choose is entirely up to you. Some history majors also create topical minors. This option allows students to pursue areas of study that are not currently represented by minors at UW-Eau Claire. To learn more about the minors mentioned here and others, consult the UW-Eau Claire Catalogue and your faculty adviser.

If you are in the College of Education and Human Sciences, you should complete a certifiable teaching minor UNLESS you are completing a comprehensive major such as broadfield social studies.

Some students complete additional majors, minors, or certificates. If you are thinking about doing this, you should meet with your faculty adviser to discuss the pros and cons.

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