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Will studying abroad slow me down?

Maybe, but maybe not. The history department encourages study abroad. We think it is one of the best experiences you can have in college. Studying abroad will set you apart - fewer than 10% of U.S. undergraduates can claim an experience abroad as part of their university education. By studying abroad, you will gain insight and new perspectives on yourself, your academic discipline, your own and other cultures. Such international insights are increasingly sought after by employers in our global society.

Study abroad is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. Most students study abroad during their sophomore or junior year, though many seniors do as well. If you want to study abroad you should start planning as early as possible. If you plan well, it may not delay your graduation at all. The Center for International Education has worked with faculty to determine which courses at foreign universities are equivalent to some courses at UW-Eau Claire. You can pick up a flyer about Study Abroad for History Majors in the Center for International Education or the History Department. The flyer lists some course equivalencies, and you can get a more complete listing of equivalencies in the Center for International Education.

If you take a course abroad and are not sure where it will count in your degree, save your syllabus and the work you did in the course so that you can consult with your faculty adviser when you get home. Visit the Center for International Education to learn more about different programs and meet with your faculty adviser to discuss your plans.

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