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Do I have to take a foreign language?

All history majors completing a BA degree in the College of Arts and Sciences have to demonstrate foreign language competency. They can do this by taking a placement test and testing into a foreign language at the 201 level or higher, or by getting a C (not a C-) or better in a 102 level foreign language course. Getting an S is the same as getting a C or better.

History teaching majors or broad field social studies majors (or students doing a BS in the College of Arts and Sciences) can satisfy the Foreign Culture requirement instead of demonstrating foreign language competency, if they choose. You can learn more about the Foreign Culture requirement in your UW-Eau Claire Catalogue or by talking with your faculty adviser. If you are a history teaching or broad field social studies major, you might choose to study a foreign language. This makes sense if you are considering an additional minor or major in that language or if it is required for a study abroad program you are planning.

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