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What can I do with a degree in history?

Students who choose to major in history often get questions from family members and friends about what they can do after graduation. About a third of our history majors at UW-Eau Claire do go on to teach middle or high school, an increasing number pursue careers in Public History, and some go on to graduate school in history or to professional school such as law school, but the fact remains that a history major in the College of Arts and Sciences prepares students for a variety of careers. You can learn more about career options for history majors on this American Historical Society webpage that is dedicated to the topic.

In short, a history degree gives you skills that employers look for in today's diverse and rapidly changing workplaces. You will learn to communicate skillfully while speaking and in writing, to think critically and creatively, and to conduct independent research. You will become skilled at finding the information you need to answer questions. You will learn to analyze data and solve problems by yourself and as part of a team. You will gain a better understanding of your own culture and learn about cultures very different from your own. It will be your job to explain to potential employers how you can use the skills and knowledge you acquire in college to make important contributions in their workplaces. Your faculty adviser and the staff at Career Services can help you with this. We encourage you to take advantage of Career Services early, as early as your freshman year. You may want to do an internship or choose a minor that is oriented toward the career you choose. Of course, going to college is about more than getting a job. A degree in history from UW-Eau Claire will empower your to be an active, knowledgeable and responsible citizen in today's complicated world.

Students who want to teach history and/or social studies in a K-12 setting choose a history or social studies major in the College of Education and Human Sciences. Students who don't want to teach in a K-12 setting choose a history - liberal arts major in the College of Arts and Sciences. Within the history - liberal arts major, some student choose a public history emphasis.

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