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PowerPoint 2013 (Windows)

How-To Information

The following links to the Microsoft website include common topics of interest.

New Features

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 has several new features and improvements which make it easier to customize, operate, and navigate. Below you will find a description of the new features. For more information or instructions on certain topics, please visit the link below:

Topic Microsoft PowerPoint
Presenter View This is a new and improved view when presenting that allows you to see your notes on the screen, zoom in on a specific part of the screen, easily jump to another slide, and use a pen or laser pointer tool to point out a specific item on the slide.
Theme Variations Themes come with a set of variations, including different color palettes and fonts. Slides can also be viewed in either a standard or widescreen variation.
Smart Guides Smart guides automatically appear when items on your screen are close to being aligned, and also let you know when items are spaced evenly. You can also add fixed guides in the Slide Master view to assist in achieving visual balance across all slides.
Improved Motion Paths When creating motion paths, PowerPoint will use a "ghost image" at the end of the path to show you where your object will end up.
Eyedropper When adding color to shapes or text, the eyedropper tool will allow you to pick an exact color from elsewhere on your screen, helping you to achieve harmonization of colors on each slide.
Comments As in present and past version of Microsoft Word, you can now leave comments in your presentation and reply directly to comments left by others.