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PowerPoint 2010 (Windows)

Note: This documentation on PowerPoint 2010 will not be updated following April 1, 2013, as the UW-Eau Claire campus will be upgrading to Office 2013 in the summer of 2013.

How-To Information

The following links to the Microsoft website include common topics of interest.

New Features

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 has several new features and improvements which make it easier to customize, operate, and navigate. Below you will find a description of the new features. For more information or instructions on certain topics, please visit the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 web site.

Topic Microsoft PowerPoint
Embed and Edit Video Insert VideoAllows you to insert and customize videos within your PowerPoint slides. You can now add fades, formatting effects, bookmark scenes, and trim videos. Embed a video by clicking the Video button under the Insert tab.
Picture Editing Tools Allows you to fine-tune every picture while remaining within the document. You are now able to modify the colors of a picture, as well as crop a picture to achieve a desired presentation. After a picture is selected, a Picture Tools: Format tab appears.
Compressed Video and Audio CompressAllows you to compress video and audio files in your presentation to reduce file size for easy sharing and improved playback performance. The compression tool is found in Info under the File tab.
Co-Authoring PermissionsAllows multiple users to work on the same presentation from various locations. The co-authoring permissions tool is found in Info under the File tab. PowerPoint will save and highlight new content contributed by other authors.
Protected Mode Reinforces your computer's security by opening documents downloaded from the internet in such a way that editing is disabled. Allows you to see a preview of a document. If you think the document is safe, you can enable editing by clicking Enable Editing button at the top of the document.
Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile Allows you to review, edit, or comment on PowerPoint documents from your smartphone. Download Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile from the Microsoft Mobile web site.