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Excel 2013 (Windows)

How-To Information

The following links to the Microsoft website include common topics of interest in Excel 2013.

New Features

Microsoft Excel 2013 has several new features and improvements which make it easier to customize, operate, and navigate. Below you will find a description of the new features. For more information or instructions on certain topics, please visit the links below:

New Feature
Templates When you open Excel 2013, you will see a variety of predesigned, topic-specific templates that may fit your data. Examples include templates for budgets, calendars, forms, reports, etc.
Quick Analysis This tools allows you to quickly convert your data into a table. You can preview a variety of formats before making your selection, including conditional formatting, sparklines, and charts.
Flash Fill If Flash Fill detects a pattern with your data, it will fill in the rest of your data automatically. This works well for concatenating names, formatting phone numbers, etc.
Chart Recommendations Excel recommends the chart that is best suited to your data. You can preview how your data looks in different charts, then choose the one you like best.
Slicers Slicers existed in Excel 2010 as an interactive way to fill PivotTable data. Slicers can now also filter data in Excel tables, query tables, and other data tables.