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UWEC Holiday Calendar

You can add holidays and events from the UW-Eau Claire Academic Calendar to your Outlook 2013 Calendar without typing them each in manually using the holiday file.

This document includes information on:

Adding Holidays/ UWEC Academic Calendars from the Holiday File

Your Outlook Calendar does not display holidays by default. You can choose to add U.S. Holidays, another country's holidays, or UW-Eau Claire Academic Calendar events which are all generated from a holiday file in Outlook. The holidays recur each year for which the file holds information. If you are not seeing current holidays or UW-Eau Claire Academic Calendar items, you can update from the new holiday file.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2013.

  2. Click this link: Outlook Calendar Update to access the new holiday file.

  3. Select Open

  4. Optional: To add the holidays of a specific country to your calendar, select the desired country (or countries).
    Notes: You can select more than one item.  An item is selected if there is a check in the box before its name. Do not select an item that was already updated on your calendar, or you will have duplicates on your calendar.

  5. To add one of the UW-Eau Claire Academic Year Calendars, select the appropriate year(s).

  6. Click OK.
    The Options dialog box closes.

Removing Holidays

You may want to remove holidays from your calendar for any number of reasons. For example, you may have installed the U.S. Holidays more than once and now have duplicate entries. Holidays can be removed individually, by location, or by category.

Removing Holidays Individually

  1. Click Calendar.
    The Calendar view appears.

  2. Select the holiday.
    Note: Holidays appear just under the date, or in list format, depending on which view you have your calendar in.

  3. On the Outlook toolbar, click the Delete icon: Delete button
    The holiday is deleted.

Removing Holidays by Location

Removing holidays by location works well if you have added the holidays of another country and no longer want them to appear on your calendar, or if you have accidentally added a country twice. Removing holidays by location will remove entire holiday sets from your Calendar.

  1. Click Calendar.
    The Calendar view appears.

  2. Click the View tab on the toolbar.

  3. In the Current View section, Select Change View » List.

  4. To sort by location, click the Location header.

  5. Select all the holidays for the country.
    Hints: To select contiguous items, click the first item, then press [Shift] and click the last item. All items in between are selected.
    To select noncontiguous items, click the first item, then press [Ctrl] as you click additional items.

  6. Click [Delete].
    The selected holidays are deleted.

Removing Holidays by Category

This option works well to remove duplicates. Keep in mind that holidays are recurring events; when deleting duplicates, make sure you are deleting an item for the correct year. You can also delete all items in the Holiday category and start over by adding the holidays and academic calendars you want. Remember, any Calendar entry that you have assigned to the category of Holidays appears in this list.

  1. Click Calendar.
    The Calendar view appears.

  2. Click the View tab on the toolbar.

  3. In the Current View section, select Change View » List.

  4. To sort by category, click the Category header.

  5. To delete items by category:
    1. Select the Items you want to remove.
    2. Click [Delete].

    3. To select all holiday items, scroll to the top of the list and double click on the Categories: Holiday bar
      Categories Holidays tab
    4. On your keyboard, click [Delete].
    5. Click OK.
      Warning: Any calendar entry that you have made and assigned to the category of Holidays will be included. If you select all items by pressing [Ctrl]+[A], all Calendar items will be selected. 

  6. Optional: If you have deleted holiday items and would like to retrieve them:
    1. Click on the Folder List button Folder List button 
    2. Click Deleted Items
    3. Select the holidays you would like to retrieve.
    4. Right Click » Select Move » Select Calendar.
      Your Holiday items will be restored to your calendar.