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Blugold Insider: Embedding a Video

  1. Copy the embed code of the video you want to embed. This process may vary depending on the type of video you plan on embedding.

  2. Paste the code into Notepad, and save the file as a .txt file.

  3. Upload the file to your Blugold Insider document library.
      a) Navigate to your document library via Site Actions >> View All Site Content.
      b) Select Documents from the list of locations.
      c) On the upper blue bar, select Documents >> Upload Document.
      d) Choose Browse, and select your file.
      e) Click OK.

  4. Copy the URL of the file. (Right-click the name of your document, and choose Copy Shortcut).

  5. Go to the page where you want to embed the code.

  6. Insert a Content Editor webpart.

  7. Edit the webpart

  8. Paste the URL of the text file from Step 5 into the Content Link box.

  9. OK

Below is a video tutorial depicting this process step-by-step.