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Using Spell Check

Qualtrics allows you to spell check your entire survey and the included questions. Use this feature to proofread your survey before sending it to potential respondents.

  1. From the My Surveys tab, next to the desired survey, click Edit.

  2. The survey opens on the Edit Survey tab.

  3. On the Edit Survey toolbar, click Spell Check. The Spell Check appears with the first error.
    If no errors are present, No errors were found appears. Click OK to continue.

    qualtrics spell check

  4. To change the spelling, in the Suggestions column, select the correct word spelling
    In the Suggestions column text box, type the desired spelling. The word spelling is changed.

  5. To ignore the spelling suggestion for only this occurrence, click Next Word.

  6. To have spell check ignore all of the same spellings of the word in the survey, click Ignore All.

  7. After you have viewed all of the misspelled words, Finished Spell Checking Survey appears.
    You are returned to the survey on the Edit Survey tab.