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Distributing Your Poll

When you have finished creating your Poll, it will automatically be activated. Now you can have respondents take it. With a Poll, instead of sending your respondents a Qualtrics link, you can embed your Poll in a website. For more information on Polls, refer to The Environment: The Poll Tab.

  1. Select the Polls tab.
    The Polls page appears.

  2. Select the Poll you want to export.
    The Poll Results pane appears.

  3. Click ADD THIS POLL TO YOUR WEBSITE add this poll to your website
    The Poll Code dialog box appears.
    poll code

  4. Using your cursor, select all the code.

  5. From the Edit menu, selectCopy.

  6. Open your webpage or weblog software for editing.

  7. Access the HTML code.

  8. Position your cursor in the code where the poll should appear.

  9. From the Edit menu, select Paste.
    The code for your Poll is now embedded and your Poll appears in the webpage.