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Adding a Qualtrics Poll to Desire2Learn

You can add your Qualtrics poll in a Widget on the home page of a Desire2Learn course. This document explains how to do this.

Getting the URL from Qualtrics

  1. Create the poll

    The HTML code for the poll appears.
    poll code

  3. Using your cursor, select all the code.

  4. Right click your mouse and select Copy.

  5. Paste the code into Microsoft Word or Notepad

  6. Select and copy just the URL of the poll. It will begin with  
    Currently, there is no simpler way to obtain just the URL.

Adding the Poll to Desire2Learn

Option 1: Make a Quicklink

Once you have the URL of the poll, it can be used just like any URL to make a Quicklink on the Content page.
This Quicklink will bring the viewer to a webpage displaying the poll.

Option 2: Embed the Poll

Polls can be embedded in any tool that allows the HTML source to be edited, such as a widget, the "Create New File" option on the Content page, or the News.

  1. Click EDIT HTML SOURCE edit html source
    The HTML Source Editor appears.

  2. Copy this code and paste it into the HTML editor: <iframe src=http://[url here] name="[pollname here]" width="###" height="###"></iframe>

    NOTE: If these is already some code in the editor, paste this in the empty space in between the two <body> tags.

  3. Copy the URL of your Qualtrics poll, as in the instructions above and paste it into the iframe code (above) where it says [url here].

  4. The ### needs to be changed to the appropriate size for your poll (for instance, 400 and 600).

    NOTE: The appropriate size depends on the size of your poll and the space you are embedding it into.
    Finding the right size may take a few attempts.

  5. Click UPDATE

  6. You should see the poll now. Adjust the frame size if necessary by editing the HTML source again. Click SAVE.