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The My Surveys Tab

The Qualtrics Survey System provides a variety of tool which make creating and managing online surveys quick and efficient. The My Surveys tab includes basic survey creation, reviewing, and distribution features. Use the options on the My Survey tab includes basic survey creation, reviewing, and distributing features. Use the options on the My Surveys toolbar and My Survey Tasks toolbar to perform basic tasks while working with surveys. The following features will be explained in this document:

My Surveys Toolbar

Using the My Surveys toolbar you can access the most basic tasks for creating, distributing, and viewing the progress and results of surveys.
surveys toolbar

Survey Information

Once you have created at least one survey, the My Surveys page will display a list of your surveys. The list contains links to information about your surveys as well as additional tools for managing them. This section describes the column headings and tools found under them.
survey info

Star star
Used to highlight surveys for easy location. For the desired survey, click the STAR.

Active active
Shows whether the survey has been activated for use. For the desired survey, click ACTIVE.

Displays the name that you assigned to the survey. Clicking this linked text allows you to view and edit the survey.

Displays how many responses to the survey have been received.

My Survey Tasks Toolbar

Using the My Surveys Tasks toolbar you can quickly choose basic tasks corresponding to the desired survey.


Takes you to the Edit Survey page, where survey questions can be added, edited, and deleted. This page also links to areas that help you change the look and feel, options, or flow of the questions in the survey.

Takes you to the View Results page, where you can view reports, edit, or download response data.

Displays a link to your survey that can be included in a survey distribution email.

Previews the survey and displays it as it would appear to recipients as they respond to the questions.

Allows multiple people to access one survey. This option allows you to share surveys with others and set permissions designating what actions the user can take while working with the survey.

Allows you to create a copy of the survey/ You can send a copy of your survey to another Qualtrics user.

Allows you to roughly translate your survey into another language.

Deletes the survey and all responses.