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Creating a Survey: Create from Copy

The Qualtrics Survey System is an application that provides the tools you need to create and administer surveys and analyze the data received. This document will help you get started in the creation of a survey. The Create from Copy option allows you to make a copy of one of your pre-existing surveys. Therefore, if you find yourself needing to create a survey very similar to one you already have, Create from Copy can give you a good head-start.

  1. In the My Surveys tab, on the My Surveys toolbar, click CREATE SURVEY create survey
    Select the Create Survey tab
    The How do you want to build your survey? page appears.

    The Create from Copy dialog box appears.
    create from copy survey

  3. From the Survey to copy pull-down menu, select the survey to be copied.

  4. In the New Survey Name text box, type the desired name.

  5. OPTIONAL: From the Folder pull-down menu, select a Quatrics folder.

  6. From the Account for Survey pull-down menu, select the desired location for the survey.
    NOTE: My Account will make the survey yours alone.

  7. Click CREATE FROM COPY create from copy 3
    The new copied survey is created and appears.

  8. To edit a question, select it by clicking anywhere on it.
    HINT: The question is selected when it appears highlighted and a checkmark appears to the left of the question text.
    NOTE: Available options for this question appear in the Question Options pane on the right.

  9. In the Question Options pane, enable/disable options by selecting/deselecting them.

  10. In the selected question, select text or elements and edit as desired.

  11. To add additional questions, refer to instructions starting with step 7 of Creating a Survey: Quick Survey Builder.

  12. To delete questions,
    1. Place your mouse pointer over the question

    2. Click REMOVE QUESTION remove question