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Microsoft Word 2007

Creating a Directory Merge

A Directory Mail Merge allows you to use specified fields from a data source to create a list. For example, you may have a data source containing information pertaining to registration for a conference. From this data source, you want to produce a list of attendees that includes their name, their affiliation and their phone number. Rather than copy and paste the relevant columns from your data source, you can use a Directory merge to easily produce this list.

These instructions assume that you have an understanding of the Word Mail Merge process and that you have an existing data source file. If you need more information, refer to Mail Merge: An Overview.

IMPORTANT: A Directory merge tells Word to repeat everything on the page to form the list. Therefore it is important that you do not type extra text, such as column headings, until after the merge is complete.

  1. Open a blank Word document

  2. From the Mailings tab, in the Start Mail Merge group, click START MAIL MERGE » select Directory
    Start Mail Merge button and menu

  3. In the Start Mail Merge group, click SELECT RECIPIENTS » select Use Existing List...
    Select Recipients button and menu
    The Select Data Source dialog box appears.

  4. From the Look in pull-down list, locate and select the file you will use for your list

  5. Click OPEN
    The Select Table dialog box appears.
    Select Table dialog box

  6. Select the worksheet within your spreadsheet that contains the data

  7. Click OK

  8. To select the recipient(s) you want to include in your mail merge,
    1. In the Start Mail Merge group, click EDIT RECIPIENT LIST
    2. Select the recipients
      NOTE: A recipient is selected if the checkbox beside their entry is selected.
    3. Click OK
      NOTE: To edit the recipient information, refer to Mail Merge: Working with the Recipients List.

  9. To insert merge fields,
    1. Position the insertion point at the proper place in your document
    2. In the Write & Insert Fields group, click INSERT MERGE FIELD » select the desired field
      Insert Merge Field button and menu
  10. After inserting the last merge field, press [Enter]
    HINT: This separates one record from the other.
    Example extra return after last field

  11. Add any tabs, spacing, or formatting of text that is desired
    This spacing and formatting will be repeated for each line of the directory.
    Do not type additional text at this time.

  12. When finished, in the Preview Results section, click PREVIEW RESULTS
    The preview will display only one record (one line of the directory) at a time.
    For more information on editing the recipient information, refer to Mail Merge: Working with the Recipients List.

  13. In the Finish group, click FINISH & MERGE » select Edit Individual Documents...
    The Merge to New Document dialog box appears.

  14. Make the appropriate selection

  15. Click OK
    The merged Directory appears in a new document.
    Example of merged Directory

  16. Add additional text or headings as desired
    Example of merged Directory with headings

  17. Save and/or print the document

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